Monday 25 September 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Investigation by REALITY on the on-going allegation that, Mr. Noah Noah Kekere, Dr. Philip Bewde Dachung and Yusuf Abdullahi, were harvesting the kidneys of their patients need to be properly investigated by the Police. Medical Experts have urged.

Medical Experts, who spoke to REALITY, but who do not want their names mentioned in print, have unanimously told REALITY that, the only way medically known to remove human kidney is from the human back.

According to them, even the machines and other tools needed for the operation are not easily found not to talk of having it in Nigeria.

The Medical Experts, who are owners of their respective clinics in Jos, the Plateau State capital, have also urged the Nigerian Police to look at the back of these Patients/Claimants, who have alleged that their kidneys have been harvested or missing to see, if there are scares of the operation at their backs.

Adding that, “Kidney operation is not a child’s play medically speaking. People go abroad where the facilities are available to save the Donor and the Recipient.

“If Plateau State has such experts that can remove kidney easily, the flow of patients to the hospital would be unprecedented.

“This is why we strongly call on the Police to question and observe these claimants”.

REALITY in its investigation has also surprisingly found out that, the information on the number of people that may have confessed to be patients/victims of Noah and his team of Medical Practitioners to the Nigerian Police was allegedly gotten from a village head during an interview with him and up till the of this report, none of these reporters saw any of these Patients/Claimants.

REALITY investigation also can confidently disclose that, now of those who may have reported issues concerning Noah, his partners and the nurses working with him has a personal academic data or certificates of them.

Although the reporters and the On Air Personalities have made a huge talk concerning the issues, none took time to visit the Plateau State Magistrate and Chief Magistrate Courts currently handling the matter, to know what the Police told the Courts that it is investigating about Mr. Noah Noah Kekere, Dr. Philip Bewde Dachung and Yusuf Abdullahi.

Finding has also shown that, while these OAPs claim to be Journalists, the records of registered Journalists in Plateau state, does not include their names.

You would recall that, REALITY had reported that, there is already a twist in the case of the Nigerian Police against Noah Kekere, Dr. Philip Bewde Dachung and Yusuf Abdullahi, as the Police has told the Magistrate Court of Plateau State that, the Respondents/Defendants are been investigated for alleged offences of Defilement,  Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Theft, Rape, Unlawful possession of fire arms.

The Police, stated this in its Affidavit in support of the Motion Exparte dated the 18th of September, 2023, seeking an order of court to remand the Respondents/Defendants at the Correctional Center in Jos, Plateau State.

The Police on the face of the Motion, brought the Motion pursuant to Section 307 of the Plateau State Administration of Criminal Justice law and Paragraph II of the Administration of Criminal Justice Practice Direction of Plateau State, N0. 1 of 2021 and under Section 6 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).

The Police in its written address in support of the Motion Exparte, told the Magistrate Court in part that:

  1. The Respondents were arrested in connection with alleged offences of Defilement, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Theft, Rape, Unlawful Possession of fire arms, etc, by agents of the Applicant and detained in the Applicant’s custody at State CID.
  2. At the conclusion of the investigation, prima facie case of commission of the alleged offences were revealed against the Respondents and charge were preferred and filed against the Respondents at the High Court of Justice, Plateau State.
  3. That while waiting for date for arraignment of the Respondents by the High Court, the Applicant’s facilities in which the Respondent are detained became congested and the condition of the said facilities depreciated and became unconducive for the health of the Respondent and there is every likelihood of outbreak of epidemic due to over congestion in the facilities.
  4. In order to avert he occurrence of the aforementioned incident, Applicant filed this Motion and pray this Honourable Court to remand the Respondents at the Correctional Center custody in Jos.


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