Sunday 17 September 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Since, “Tribunal One” of the National/State Houses of Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal, sitting in Jos, the Plateau State capital, gave judgments against the Plateau Sate chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the list of those to benefit from the Mrs. Sen. Tinubu’s Internally Displaced Persons donation became public, hell was let loose in the political space of Plateau State throughout last week.

The political space has become cloudy, horrifying and choking, as the PDP and its supporters and the members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and their supporters became dissatisfied over the recent Judgments and the distribution list of beneficiaries made public.

Both parties and their members have being calling for heavens to fall as they express their distaste and dissatisfaction.

From the Press statements on the issues made available to REALITY, those concerned, have also called for thunder and lightning, fire and brimstone, blackmail and intimidation to judge, as a means of subduing the Judiciary and the State Government and of course, on other political opponents of the PDP.

The anger of these party members were also observed and read on Online Platforms by REALITY, where they have taken to bullying, media propaganda and  sponsored protests against the Tribunal.

Pundits who have chosen to condemn these actions have cleverly told REALITY that, “The actions are careful crafted to heat-up the polity”.

However, those who feel disappointed over the distribution of the IDPS’ Money feel it’s an attempt to divert attention of the citizens from the Five Hundred Million Naira (N500M) allegedly donated by the wife of the President, Sen. Remi Tinubu, to victims of attacks, which allegedly has turned into a Political largesse.

The statement in party from the faceless “Concerned Plateau Persons” reads, “The actions are careful crafted to not only heat-up the polity, but divert attention on the Government’s decimal performance and the misapplication of the five hundred million naira donated by the wife of the President Senator Remi Tinubu to victims of attacks, which sadly, has reportedly been turned into a Political largesse.

“Commercial wailer dealers and political hirelings have been at work, trying effortlessly to wet the dreams of the PDP worshipful supporters, especially those that do not know, that the party is on its way to the cemetery”.

However, rising from an emergency meeting of the Coalition of Ethnic Youth Organization in Plateau state, held in Jos the Plateau state capital on Wednesday September 13, 2023 and the Press Statement issued after it and made available to REALITY, the group has void to defend what it calls, “The Plateau Mandate”,

The faceless Coalition of Ethnic Youth Organization in Plateau State stated that, “The Exco issued a statement declaring the resolve of their individual and collective organizations to defend the People’s mandate, as was clearly expressed in the February 25th National Assembly Elections and the March 18th  gubernatorial elections that declared His Excellency Barr. Caleb M. Mutfwang as winner”.

According to the leaders of the faceless youth organizations, their statements and current stance became absolutely necessary in the wake of what they call, “very strange, irregular and spurious judgments that was/is biasedly delivered on the 11th and 12th September, 2023, by one of the election petition panels led by Hon. Justice B. M. Tukur”.

Their statement signed by one Habila Gamji, as Publicity Secretary, further warned all the detractors of Plateau state to abandon their agenda of destabilization, terrorist attacks, land grabbing and economic disruption currently being pursued by them, adding that, “The youths are ready to defend Plateau no matter what the cost may be”.

“The coalition of Ethnic Youth Organizations is emphatic, that no manipulation or miscarriage of justice by compromised judges as the one led by one B. M. Tukur should be allowed to cause confusion and mayhem in the state”. They added.


According to them, “It is certain and settled that, His Excellency, Barr. Caleb M. Mutfwang won a majority of the votes cast and has the legitimacy to govern Plateau state.

“Therefore, all well-meaning citizens of Nigeria, Security Chiefs and indeed, Mr President should prevail on all those saddled with the responsibility of discharging justice to do so without fear or favor, so as to guarantee peace and tranquility in their respective jurisdictions”.

On its part in a swift reaction to the position of the Coalition, the Concerned Persons stated in another press release that, “Unfortunately, the hobbled histrionics are not after all effective, since the people, particularly the discerning minds within the party are still moody and skeptical on the PDP’s continued occupation of the Government House.

“The morbid meditation on the already delivered judgments by the PDP is misplaced and an after- thought since the party knew that it abused and disrespected the provisions of extant laws concerning the conduct of elections.

“It is therefore foolhardy, uncharitable and preposterous for the PDP and the Coalition to  cast aspersions on the Judiciary and also impugn  the integrity of the justices when the party was the architect of its own predicament.

“One wonders what changed from May last year when the Court of Appeal sitting in Jos, affirmed the judgment of Justice Kunda of the Jos High Court, stopping PDP from contesting the Local government Council elections to the present state.

“The PDP and the Coalition, as pretenders, deceitfully and mischievously are trying to, at all cost create the impression that, there was/is a perversion of justice by the Tribunal in all the judgments, which are against them.

“To say how myopic and scandalous the PDP and the Coalition are, when the Tribunal II gave judgments in its favour, it was ‘Uhuru’ and ‘hosanna’, but when it went the other way, it was ‘crucify them’ and ‘finish them’.

“As a cheap and wicked blackmail, promoted by the party, anybody that secured judgment against PDP is often tagged an enemy of Plateau State”.


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