Thursday 7 September 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Mr. Chike Uwechia, the Complainant/Defendant to the Cross-Complaint filed by Dr. Jacob Sunday in Civil Case No: CMC/CR49/2023 has been granted bail by the Chief Magistrate Court of Plateau State sitting at West of Mines Jos, the Plateau State capital.

The Court, while granting the application for his bail moved by his Counsel, Uche Okeze (Esq) and refusing the opposition to his bail on personal ground moved by the Counsel to the Cross-Complainant (Dr. Sunday) said that, his condition for bail is N500,000.00, with a surety of a person, who is resident within the Jurisdiction of the Court.

From the face of the process filed before the Chief Magistrate Court, the application for the issuance of the Cross-Complaint was brought pursuant to Section 379 of the Plateau State Administration of Criminal Justice Law, 2018.

In the application, the Cross-Complainant (Dr. Jacob Sunday) disclosed that, he is a Medical Practitioner and that the Complainant/Defendant to the Cross-Complaint Mr. Chike Uwechia is a businessman within the Jurisdiction of the Court.

Also, in the Particulars of the Cross-Complaint, the Cross-Complainant told the Court in part that:

  1. The 2nd Defendant/Cross-Complainant was fraudulently deceived by the Defendant to Cross-Complaint who was aided and abetted by one Uche Okeze (Esq), into issuing his cheque on the promise that it was not to be presented and just for formalities, which he issued.
  2. Despite the misrepresentation that the cheque was never to be presented, the Defendant to Cross-Complainant via Uche Okezie (Esq) into post-dating the cheque to be presented in May, 2022 knowing the legal implication.
  3. Little did the Cross-Complainant knew that, the Defendant to Cross-Complaint had the malicious intent of presenting the cheque.
  4. To fulfill the sinister mission, the Defendant to Cross-Complaint after criminally deciding to present the cheque against all oaths, intentionally and willfully refused to present the said cheque within the timeframe indicated on the cheque, with full knowledge of legal consequences of such action.
  5. Subsequently and in a malicious turn of events, the defendant to Cross-Complaint, turned round to use the planned acts and falsely accused the Cross-complainant of providing him with a dishonoured cheque, knowing this to be false and further tarnish the Cross-Complainant’s reputation.
  6. The Defendant to Cross-Complaint did not stop there but in a sudden and calculated malicious prowess, instigated men of Nigerian Police against the Cross-Complainant leading to the Cross-Complainant being wrongfully arrested, detained in the police cell thereby tarnishing his hard earned reputation over false allegation of issuance of dishonoured cheque.
  7. The actions of the Defendant to the Cross-Complaint is characterized by malice, defamation and injurious falsehood, have caused significant harm to the personal and professional reputation of the Cross-Complainant, and many more.

The matter has been adjourned by the Court to the 18th of September, 2023 for Pre-h

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