Wednesday 25 October 2023


There is always no time to complete competing demands or activities in life hence, the need for choice and planning and setting priorities right, either as individuals, groups, or organizations.

The “Time” factor and the scarcity of resources have always called for group reasoning from the family, group, and organizational settings.

It is this necessity that makes families, departments, and governments, to effectively employ the use of experts in resolving issues timely and with limited or low cost.


The State of Peace they say is very expensive to manage, but still cheaper than crisis or conflict situations.

In Plateau state, and within the incumbent administration of Governor Caleb Mutfwang, lots of issues have risen that call for debates, condemnation, or commendation.

However, with the twist and developments at the Court of Appeal as it relates to recent judgments, which are against the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and its candidates in the National Assembly elections of 25th February, 2023, the need for a reconciliation and reversal of alleged condemnable acts by Governor Caleb’s administration may enjoy this available chance and the TIME IS NOW!

FACTS are that, with the recent Judgment of the Court of Appeal sacking Sen. Simon Mwadkwon from the Red Chambers of the National Assembly, the Governor must start looking beyond his current recruited staff and Advisers and begin to project his survival and that of his mandate for a soft political landing.

It is also a fact that, Plateau State has 8 members of the House of Representatives. At the moment, Plateau State PDP has 5, APC has 3. But the election of all the 5 members of the PDP are been challenged by the APC in the Court of Appeal on the same basis that the PDP has no structure in Plateau State and had therefore not conducted primaries that produced any candidate.

And, the Court of Appeal has said that much when it invalidated the election of Sen. Mwadkwon for “non-compliance with a Subsisting Court Order from the Plateau State High Court made in 2020 that 12 LGAs must participate in the PDP congress before a candidate will be nominated for an election”.

The 5 APC members in the House may have to, like Sen. Mwadkwon, also go.

This is a time and an opportunity to strategize for peace-building and settlement in all conflicts generated by these levels of actors, if any.

On the side of the State House of Assembly, the House has 24 members. As of today, PDP has 15 members, 8 are APC, while YPP has 1.

However, the election of all the 15 members of the PDP are being challenged in the Court of Appeal on the same basis that the PDP has no structure in Plateau state to which, the Appeal Court has agreed to in the case of Sen. Mwadkwon.

Since the Court of Appeal is bound by their earlier decision in Sen. Mwadkwon case delivered just last week Sunday, this set of House of Assembly members may also go.

The need to make peace at this level is very necessary as the alleged suspension of Local Council Chairmen which started at this level may be reversed with no glory attached to the name of the Governor.

The Time to take the right steps is also now.

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