Sunday 7 July 2024


 By: Amb. Valentine Adese (JP),

For any administration to run effectively, and successfully, and leave a lasting impact on the people it is governing its goals, ideology, and vision, must be on the same page with the people.

Although the people being governed are more concerned about their safety and welfare, they are not unconcerned about the country or state’s development. They are also not unconcerned about the political system and the application of Democratic Principles.

Any political party that wins in an election apart from the known manipulations in Nigeria, it is because the party and its candidates considered the necessary issue(s) sensitive to the masses and they remained on the same page with the masses before, during, and after the elections. 


Unfortunately, this is never so, as the ruling party in each state and at the federal level always experiences a split on what once brought them together and in the process disengages themselves from the masses.

These administrations in most cases, abandon the State and Federal Budgets that act as a compendium of the needs of the masses and in its place, begin to implement their campaign promises, which later leaves the performance of their various Budgets very low.

In some cases, while the political party wins an election and its candidate(s) is/are sworn in, their focus becomes more fixed on the next election rather than, focusing on delivering democratic dividends through good governance.

With Plateau State in focus, it is observed that, while the State House of Assembly is dominated by the All Progressives Congress (APC) Lawmakers, the State Executive Council (SEC) is dominated by the members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

Despite these feats achieved by both parties in the state, the dreams and aspirations of the masses are not effectively reflected because of the continued split in ideology, goals, and vision of these political parties.

Secondly, while the PDP rules the political space in the state with its members, the state is being represented at the national level by members of the APC. This also disintegrates the collective interests and needs of the masses.

Furthermore, while the masses are calling for Local Government Autonomy to better their living standards and development in their areas, an idea currently being supported by the Members of the APC at the national level, the state SEC composed solely of members of the PDP are thinking differently as they are pushing more for Local Government elections at the wee hours of the debate like most states in the federation.  

Recent developments in the state also indicate that while members of the APC in the state and at the national level are making efforts to put their warring past behind them, the awaiting Local Government (LG) election is about to open old wounds in the PDP, as the power for supremacy between two Generals in the party is beginning to take center stage again.

Facts on the ground, however, indicate that Lawmakers in the state House of Assembly and at the National levels have began to showcase their achievements to the people and the Media, in celebration of their one year in office as Lawmakers in line with the State Governor’s footsteps.


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