Wednesday 15 December 2021


By: Paul Naomi:

The Action Democratic Party (ADP), a political party created to be a third force to counter the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has revealed that, one of their many objectives as a party, is to change the political narrative in Nigeria, as well as, create machineries to tackle the challenges facing the country.

Hon. Bitrus Boyi Ngah, the Party’s Chairman of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau state, made this known in an exclusive interview on 14th December 2021, with REALITY, stating that, ”Despite the failure of the current administration, the party is changing this political narrative by creating awareness and sensitizing the public through the party’s manifesto”.

Hon. Bitrus, also called on political leaders, the media and the general public to show their support by participating in its forthcoming, ”Appeal Fund Raising of N25million” to be organized by the ADP, Plateau State Chapter, to enable the Party get started towards achieving set objectives.

This he disclosed would take place on Friday 17th December, 2021, by 2pm at BGK Event Center, Along Vom Road.

”As a Party, based on its Manifesto and Constitution, we will ensure that whatever project or blueprint the Government we are taking over from have put in place, we will study it and implement the most important ones that meets the immediate need of the people and also, unlike other Government that make empty promises, ADP won’t fail the people by making unrealistic promises, we will rather make realistic promises that we will fulfill”, the Chairman assured”.


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