Sunday 25 September 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The political differences being expressed in the Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over the candidature and Presidential bid of the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has gone dirty and is now beclouded with pettiness and small mindedness, as Prof. Shedrack Best, (a then Secretary of the State Government (SSG) under Sen. Jonah Jang’s administration) is asking an Investor and a Non-Indigene in the state, to leave and go back to his state for supporting Sen. Jonah David Jang’s idea of joining others to pull out of the Atiku’s campaign, if the issues rocking the party are not addressed.

You would recall that, REALITY had reported that, a former Secretary to the Plateau State Government (SSG), Prof. Shedrack Best has been taken to the cleaners and re-schooled more on the history and tradition of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), with Senator Jonah David Jang, as one of the Founding Fathers.

In a rejoinder signed by, Mr. Clinton Garuba, the Media Consultant to Sen. Jonah David Jang, who also doubles, as the owner of Jayfm Radio Station in Jos, Prof. Best and his “Unknown Stakeholders” are advised not to use Sen. Jonah Jang, as a launching pad, but to go ahead and pursue their interest and support for the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar and his presidential drive.

According to the rejoinder, Prof. Best was reminded that, of all people, he should know that, “in the pursuit of truth, Jang is always prepared to tow the lonely path”.

The rejoinder signed by Mr. Clinton Garuba, in his show of surprise and shock, over a purported publication, allegedly signed by its Protem Secretary, Prof. Best, tagged: “PDP Stakeholders, Disowned Sen (Dr) Jonah David Jang”, in part explained that, “Our attention has been drawn to a publication purportedly issued by a certain unknown group, dubbed Plateau for Atiku group and signed by its Protem Secretary, Prof. Shedrack Best. 

“The group in the said publication alleged that, Plateau PDP Stakeholders disowned, Sen (Dr) Jonah David Jang for asking the National Chairman of the PDP, Dr. Iyorchia Ayu to resign.

“Perhaps, it is important to school this said group, which has arrogated to itself the noble position of Stakeholders, which it indeed is not, of the dynamics of the politics of the PDP to which they are latter-day entrants”.

Adding that, “Former Governor Jang has decided to go with the group that believes in the truth and is not surprised that, this group of “Stakeholders” is not in agreement with the path he has chosen.

“He did not envisage that, everyone will agree with him, but he is working based on his conviction that, the truth must be told in the interest of the party.

“Every loyal party man or woman is indeed wishing for a peaceful resolution of the self-inflicted and avoidable internal crisis rocking the party and it is the belief of Jang that, those who have the interest of the party at heart, should insist that the right thing is done in order for the PDP to take its rightful place of pride as the only truly democratic party.

“Senator Jang and others have made their call, loud enough for anyone, who wants to listen and the call still remains that, in the interest of the party, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, should resign, as the National Chairman of the PDP.

“That is the just, fair and equitable thing to do, to pave the way for resolution of the crisis and set the party on the path to winning the 2023 presidential elections”.

However, in his reaction to the rejoinder, Prof. Best, who took to a PDP WhatsApp platforms, among others, did not deny authoring the statement believed to be against Jang, but question why, Mr. Clinton speaks on Plateau State issues. He rather urged the Investor to leave the state.

Prof. Best, in his reaction, stated as follows (Unedited):-

“I personally have no problem with Clinton Garuba, who is doing his job except that, he dares to mention me by name as having lost an election and sulking from the loss.

“Did he need to go this personal?

“The press statement we issued was a group product and I was only an anchor, a position of trust bestowed on me by people united to work for Atiku as the PDP Presidential candidate.

“Very true, I contested the Governorship position and lost at the primaries. I am proud to have offered myself to serve my beloved state Plateau. I had beautiful plans for my state and wanted to add value. This is my State.

“Whether I won or not is beside the point. Mutfwang emerged from the primaries and I am committed to working for his victory.

“Which one is Clinton’s stake in this matter except the obvious commercial interest he has always represented in my beloved state and his mistaken view that, he understands Plateau politics better than some of us? God forbid.

“Since Clinton has such a capacity to win elections, he should go ahead and contest the next Governorship elections in Plateau State and win!

“O, sorry, he cannot because he is not from our state. Let me, however, be gracious to him and request him to contest a Ward election in Edo State and win, and then not sulk. Please go ahead.

“For me, the problem is that, Clinton is not from Plateau State and he knows it. Where does he or his grandparents come from? Or is he now from Du and Jos South? Has Clinton not exploited this state enough?

“I want to advise this Edo chap to stop nosing into Plateau affairs when its leaders and intellectuals are discussing their State.

“Or don’t we have the right to discuss as Plateau people again? Clinton cannot use our issues to continue to milk a certain family in the name of Media Advice.

“Having aspired to lead the state, I have a right to speak on every subject that affects Plateau State. Leadership has been bestowed on me naturally and the likes of Clinton cannot quiten me. One million of his type cannot quite me.

“I have been a Professor for 15 years. Where was Clinton 15 years ago? I have held a PhD from a top British University since 1996, 26 years ago. Where was Clinton in 1996, 26 years ago?

“I am not an average Plateau citizen; I am among its best and brightest.

“Clinton should be advised to go to SPS Keffi, ABU Zaria, University of Bradford and where my feet have passes through, let him check my pedigree. I am simply not his match and he should be careful and show some respect   whenever he chooses to talk about me.

“I dislike his going personal on me, or on any Plateau leader or son and daughter for that matter.

However, in a swift response, Mr. Clinton replied as follows (Unedited):-

“I am glad I asked the question for clarity, otherwise I would have assumed you were questioning my right to speak on issues that concerns a state I have lived in for over 10 years, paid my taxes and have investment worth over the combined investment of all those, who have questioned my right to speak on issues that concerned a party that I have served with so much courage and sacrifice at different capacity including in all state campaign committee from 2011 -2019. The same PDP that I paid dues to from 2007 – 2015 and some charlatans are of the view that I should keep mute??

“I have deliberately ignored some rats or at best squirrels, who have tried to throw tantrums at me because they are too little to understand issues, some clowns have out of ignorance asked me to leave the state and I laughed at their folly for they have no idea as to, who they are dealing with.

“I wanted clarifications so that, I don’t mix up things and I am glad that you have clarified the point. If I were to respond to you because I thought you were going to tow the line of very shallow minded individuals that display sheer ignorance of the fundamentals of human existence and the fact that one is free to live, interact, share his views anywhere and at any point in time, perhaps we would have engaged in something not befitting, but since you have restrained yourself, let me allow that to slide.

“You have come out to ask if I am comfortable with what Sen. Jonah Jang said and I will tell you very clearly that, politics is about interest, your interest could be in former Vice President Atiku, while Jang’s interest might not be in Atiku, even though in this case, you seem to have the same interest in the PDP wining the 2023 Presidential elections, but for a fundamental procedural error which Sen. Jang has pointed out. Some of us will rather take sides with a Jang, who has stood with the truth and with his people and by his people over the years, putting his life on the line for them. He won’t be making a mistake at this time!

“So, let the error in the processes be corrected!

“I will gladly tell you that, whatever action Jang has taken is not in any way inimical to the Plateau Agenda, it only aligns with and not deviates from the Plateau Agenda.

“I therefore expect you to advise your principal to do the needful and not short-change the people. However, if this discussion is going to take a different dimension, I am ready to have exchanges with you, let’s exchange ideas.

“In the event that it degenerates and comes to dancing naked in the market square, I will dance naked with you”.

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