Wednesday 7 September 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has joined other true democrats and all progressives in the country in mourning the alleged suicidal exit of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau State, as all political parties in the state prepre for the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

The APC in a press statement, dated 7th September, 2022, made available to REALITY also cautioned the Plateau State PDP chapter, to stop blaming it over its move towards alleged “Extinction”.

“We take serious exception to the party blaming the APC, over its going into extinction and which now exists in reality, as a group of hero worshippers.

“This is as laughable, as it can only come from a gang of day dreamers.

“No form of somnambulism can save the PDP in the state, which is very unfortunate, as the APC has always wished it survived to serve as a credible opposition”. The press release stated in part.


7th September,2022



The attention of the All Progressives Congress, Plateau State Chapter has been drawn to an unprovoked release trending in the social media by the hitherto main opposition, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau State attacking the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, over its unending woes.

Last weekend, a damning judgment was passed by an Election Tribunal, which held in Jos where it nullified the PDP’s most celebrated Pyrrhic victory in the Jos-North/Bassa Federal House of Representatives bye-election by a unanimous decision, which pronounced the PRP candidate, as the winner of election.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau State, trying to be wiser by half, rather than taking on the Tribunal as it did when it rained unprintable insults on a highly respected High Court Judge in Plateau State, Hon. Justice Ishaku Kunda, who passed the judgment excluding it from the last Local Government (LG) election, has shamelessly turned its bulletless barrel on the APC in the state.

The same Tribunal unanimously upheld the victory of the APC candidate in the same bye-election for the Pankshin South State constituency held on the same day.

The erudite Jurists declared that the PDP in Plateau State did not have a validly nominated candidate based on the illegitimacy of the State Executive Committee of the party, which has been a subject of 12 different judgments all submitting that the party had and still has no validly constituted Exco.

This was what excluded the one -man ran PDP in the state from participating in last year’s October Local Government election.

The infighting in the party saw the party jumping out of one court to the other with itself due to its Sole Administrator’s Exclusionist and unbending style of despotic leadership that has landed it into these self inflicted nightmares.

All attempts by the party’s national leadership through the former Senate President, Distinguished, Senator David Mark and Senator Tunde Ogbeha, to broker peace and bring about inclusiveness were rebuffed by the generalissimo of the party in the state .

While the APC joins true democrats and all progressives in mourning the suicidal exit of the PDP in Plateau State, we take serious exception to the  party blaming the APC, over its going into extinction and which  now exists in reality as a  group of hero worshippers.

Its undertakers and incurable faultfinders in a press release signed by the Spokesman, John Akans, are alleging that the APC in Plateau state has a hand in its ordeal and that it is the APC that is on a sick bed!

This is as laughable as it can only come from a gang of day dreamers. No form of somnambulism can save the PDP in the state which is very unfortunate as the APC has always wished it survived to serve as a credible opposition.

The physician in the PDP in Plateau state, for over seven years now, has refused to heal itself.

Its blame game which has always centered on  Governor Simon Bako Lalong, who has refused to be distracted cannot help it.

Even before the ban on campaign for next year’s general elections is lifted, it is defiantly already campaigning and soliciting for Plateau people’s support as they claimed in their yesterday’s release that they are  presenting  two “strong,  tested, focused and competent candidates with administrative experience”

While we would not jump the gun by joining issues with them on the quality of candidates, suffice it to say that, “something built on nothing and a house built on quick sand cannot stand”.

All attempts to de-market and stereotype the APC in Plateau state, by these quick sand builders will equally collapse, as we shall embark on issue-based campaign, commencing from 28th September, 2023.

Contrary to PDP’s belief, the APC is more than prepared for the 2023 election than it, as theirs will, till the election-day in 2023, from the goings on, remain a house divided against itself where the centre can no longer hold.

No form of emotions, sentimental outburst or imagination can save the PDP in Plateau state as the people have outgrown such trivialities.

We are aware that, the mere mention of  our impeccable and digital duo of Nentawe Yilwatda and Pam Bot Mang sends fever down their spines.

We have read what its one-man ‘ legal team’ has been desperately trying to paint to the public about the PDP’s eligibility in the 2023 elections.

While we don’t blame him as he is trying to justify his pay, we advise him to tell the PDP the truth and nothing but the truth.

We take cognizance of the fact that, the National Assembly/State Assembly Tribunal Judgment has been appealed against and commenting on it is subjudice.

We are however, compelled to caution the weeping lot which the PDP in the state is, from making comments that are not only prejudicial to further declarations by the Appeal Tribunal, but which are also capable of raising tension and undermining the democratic process in the state and the country at large.

Meanwhile, the PDP in the state, we all know is standing dangerously on a cliff. The sword of Damocles is dangling fiercely due to its own undoing.

Governor Simon Bako Lalong and the APC which they have effortlessly tried to break its ranks and demonize it, should be left out of its woes!

Physician, heal thyself!!


Hon.Sylvanus Namang,

APC State Publicity Secretary

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