Wednesday 21 September 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

There are strong reason(s) to believe that, Zibah Pharmacy, the new Pharmacy that is expected to be established soon in Jos, the Plateau State capital, may have been laced with sad tales and huge emotional feelings. REALITY just gathered.

 In an investigation and interview conducted by REALITY, relating to Zibah Pharmacy and those behind its possible establishment, REALITY gathered that, the owner is currently blinded by the feeling of saving society from, a situation of “Non-availability of drugs”, laced with a positive drive to make Zibah Pharmacy, the last bus stop for such search for Prescribed Medical Drugs.

It was gathered in the course of the interviews conducted that, one of the major reasons for moving to establish Zibah Pharmacy, may not be unconnected to the death of the Uncle of Pastor Michael Gulu, whom the family lost because they could not find a prescribe drug to save his Uncle’s life.

In a chart with Pastor Michael Gulu, he further revealed a sad and emotional story of the cause of his Uncle’s death this way in part.

He said, “Before my late Uncle passed away, a medicine was prescribed to us to be bought.

“We searched around and found it only at old Bukuru Park. Unfortunately, it was not up to what was prescribed and we lost him. Frankly, as a result of that, the conception of Zibah Pharmacy came about and today it is in fulfillment.

“The goal behind the move to establish Zibah Pharmacy in brief is to provide healthy drugs, which are fully registered under NAFDAC for Plateau people and Nigerians at large and to make them available to aid speedy recovery of individuals.

“Also, to add to this sad story is the fact that, my Uncle’s death, made us to further understand the effect(s) of lack of adequate First Aid at home, most especially when you have a patient in a hospital.

“During his illness, I constantly remember and sadly too, the day we went to the hospital and we had to wait for hours without any first treatment administered on him to ease his pains.

“Among this are so many other reasons or rational behind Zibah Pharmacy”.

“Like I said early during our chat, Zibah Pharmacy would be established to serve the people profitably. We are establishing to also give back to society”.

You would recall that, REALITY had reported that, ZIBAH PHARMACY, when fully operational, would be running as a Wholesale and Retail outfit, in order to assist smaller outlets in the industry and that, ZIBAH Pharmacy and its Nigerian Head Office, would be located along, Goodluck Jonathan Way (Alheri) and close to the Gada Bui Market and the New Satellite Market along Rukuba Road in Jos.

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