Tuesday 27 September 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The worries in Plateau State over the comments and order by Prof. Shedrack Best that, a Non-Indigene should remain silent on issues that concerns Plateau State and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chapter in the state has taken a new dimension as concerned citizens are calling on him to retract it and apologies.

Those, who spoke on Valreality Radio, an online platform (valrealityradio.live) today, 27/09/22, were of the opinion that, his comments being from his heart, may also have being the reason why God refused to make him the governorship candidate of the PDP.

On the part of the Civil Society, a Director with the Civil Liberty Organization (CLO), Comrade Steve Alukodaniel, viewed the comment of Prof. Best, urging Mr. Clinton Garuba to remain silent in the face of the political developments in the state and the nation at large because he is not from Plateau State, as overreaching.

He called on Prof. Best, whom he claimed to be his long time friend to retract the statement as meanings could be read to it.

Comrade Steve said, “Given the respect I have for the former SSG, Prof. Best and been our good friend that we have on the Plateau, I think he went a bit too far on the issue and response he gave to Mr. Clinton Garuba, the Owner of Jayfm Radio Station in Jos.

“Especially, on the issues of the PDP, the Polity and the Atiku factor, his support and those not in support of him. I think he went too far, frankly!

“I respect him as an erudite scholar, one of our teacher, mentor and instructor in the Peace Work on the Plateau and knowing that he was a former Secretary to the Plateau State Government (SSG). He went too far!

“His comments and response have a huge implication when people of such political and educational status, come out openly to make such kind of statement. It is open to various angles of interpretation and could be misread.

“In fact, a lot of people have had cause to raise the issue with some of us that are close to Prof. Best. I think and feel that is not the best of the best of him that I know.

“We have met on different platforms in both, Television and Radio programs, where we talked about setting agenda for Plateau State and the nation at large and he had played his part credibly.

However, with reference to his current statement, it has taken a steam out of him and I know wherever he is now he would be having a rethink about what he said because, he is a voice on the Plateau and people can easily follow this type of comments and before you know, the state would be plunged into another round of blood spilling. This is not what the people of Plateau State need now!

And to also say that he is leading a Pro-Atiku stand, he can also be misread to mean that, that is what his candidate represents and in extension, his political party, the PDP.

It is very important that, if he can make a retraction, it would be better, otherwise….(sic)

You would recall that the last time the PDP Presidential candidate was in Plateau, he had a rough time with Journalists in the state and now, Journalists are invited by his Pro-supporters in the state. This also, could be misread whether this is the voice of Jacob and the hands of Esau.

If you also look at the Presidential Primary of the PDP that brought Atiku, it has continued to be with contentions within the party. North vs South, the Wike group and the rest of it.

“It would have been better, if he had used a better language because, if it is not properly managed, no matter what goes into the coming elections and after, it would affect a lot of things and even the supporters of Atiku would also look at it as the voice of Atiku, especially the non-indigenes in the state and may no longer be willing to vote for Atiku.

“Because, this means that, when Atiku wins, the Non-Indigenes may not be guaranteed their stay in the state or elsewhere.

“Secondly, we are in an era where everybody is pushing for inclusiveness and Atiku and the PDP have come out clear to write damaging reports on why APC should not have gone on the religious track of a Muslim/Muslim ticket. So, this comment could be reinforcing what Atiku stands for or against in challenging the APC. His comment is giving a red flag, which is totally uncalled for.

If you look at Plateau State from all sectors, especially, the economic sector, I am sure you cannot take away the non-indigenes in the state. You cannot!

“Non-indigenes in the state have a huge voting population, economically, they are doing well in some areas, politically, they are doing well and one cannot talk about PDP, among other political parties without the non-indigenes in the state.

So, telling someone like Mr. Garuba, the owner of Jayfm in the state, not to contribute to the happenings in PDP and the state is totally uncalled for!

You would recall that, REALITY had reported that, the political differences being expressed in the Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over the candidature and Presidential bid of the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has gone dirty and is now beclouded with pettiness and small mindedness, as Prof. Shedrack Best, (a then Secretary of the State Government (SSG) under Sen. Jonah Jang’s administration) is asking an Investor and a Non-Indigene in the state, to leave and go back to his state for supporting Sen. Jonah David Jang’s idea of joining others to pull out of the Atiku’s campaign, if the issues rocking the party are not addressed.

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