Wednesday 11 January 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), contesting the Langtang North/South House of Representative seat in the forthcoming 2023 elections, Hon. Solomon Dalung has mocked the All Progressives Congress (APC) over its inability to speak to Nigerians concerning the incumbent government’s policies, programs and promises.

The former Minister of Sports, Hon. Dalung, who spoke to Journalists before honouring his invitation by the DSS for a vetting exercise on him alongside other candidates contesting for seats in the National Assembly said, the APC has been suffering since he left the party for the SDP, but they have been hiding their tears from Nigerians.

Hon. Dalung, who was reacting to an alleged statement from the APC that he, has lost public relevance since he left the APC and later decamped to the SDP, also mocked the APC saying that, he speaks when he wants to.


Hon. Solomon Dalung in part said, “Security vetting is part of the responsibility of the State Security Service. They vet public officials before they assume responsibility. When I was appointed as a Minister, I also went through security vetting like this too and at the end of the day, I was cleared!

“This should not be seen as something new, strange or aimed at harassing any aspirant it is simply to ensure that those to be appointed or elected are people that do not have extra security baggies.

“Well, I don’t understand the perspective to which that people have not been hearing about me since I decamped. This is because I am a new item in the political stage now. I am also a news item. I chose to speak when I chose to speak. I also speak on national issues and that is all. I have not spoken recently because of my state of mind.

“I don’t expect the APC to say more than what they had said about me that I am no longer in the news. They are only just expressing their grievances about the level of lost they have suffered by my leaving the party. That to me is what they are saying!

“Since I left the APC, nothing is been heard of the party from the state to the national level. Nothing is been heard frankly speaking, apart from the jamboree of rented crowds, there is nobody that has been coming out to speak to Nigerians concerning the issues surrounding the policies and promises of the APC government, among other issues affecting the country. So, I can understand the lamentation of the APC. They have lost a voice upon which they rode to power!

“So, if nothing is heard of me, they are only telling Nigerians of what they are suffering of the monumental lost of a voice by my departure.

“Well, politics have actually moved from political party to individuals. Everybody contesting the 2023 elections from the presidential down to the state houses of assemblies are going to market themselves individually and who they are. Political parties can no longer save them again! This is because since 1999, political party manifestos have not helped Nigerians. So, indications show that, nobody is going to look at any manifesto.

“To Nigerians today, political party manifestos are seen as deceit! So, manifesto is not an issue in the forthcoming 2023 elections, but who is speaking to the manifesto. If the person is trusted and credible, definitely, Nigerians will vote him/her because of the trust.

“But that you promise us security, war against corruption, massive transformations in the economy, addressing unemployment, nobody will take you serious because of the party. They will only take you serious knowing your antecedent. They will assess who you were yesterday and who are you today”.

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