Thursday 16 March 2023


By: Alfred Saiki,

A member of the Dakum/Pwajok 2023 Media Team, Kingsley Johnson Arinze has stated that, the next election would be checkmated as the youths in Plateau State have vowed not allow anybody change their mandate.

Speaking exclusively to Reality Newspaper Kingsley Johnson Arinze said, Dr. Patrick Dakum is the people’s choice and his group will ensure that, the people’s will prevail come 18th of March 2023.

Johson, who is also a member of Twanchit/Katongyese (Tudun Wada) for ObiDatti and Dakum/Pwajok also assured that, there would be no voter apathy as they have made sure the people understand the consequences of doing so.

According to Johnson, “Dr. Dakum is the people’s choice and we would make sure the peoples will prevail.

“Dakum is ready to take Plateau to greater and better heights.

“Plateau people should expect a government that would carry everybody along, because that is what Dakum stands for as his combination with Edward Pwajok works towards “Consolidating a greater and better Plateau”.

“Our campaign is centered on what we call the “ATMS” – Agriculture, Tourism, Mining and Security. And more importantly, he has promised to hit the ground running from his first day in office.



“Don’t forget that, his Deputy, Hon. Edward Pwajok is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), and we have never had it this good on the Plateau, a Medical Doctor and a SAN. So as you can see, Plateau is in safe hands.”

On the fear that there would be voter apathy, Mr. Johnson, went further to urge the electorates not to be deterred by the events that occurred in the presidential elections, but rather, see it as an opportunity to correct the wrongs that occurred.

“We are very prepared and everything is set. They say Politics is local, Yes! We have also covered the grassroots and social media as well.

“People are angry as a result of INEC’s inadequacies during the presidential elections, but we have made sure they understand the implication of not coming out to vote.

“There will be no voter apathy because, people are tired of the All Progressives Congress (APC) government on the Plateau.

“We have assured them that, their vote will count and we would do everything within the law to make sure their votes are protected”.

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