Tuesday 26 December 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The main essence of governance according to the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as amended) is for the security of life of the people and their welfare.

Once they are breached, the government must rise to the occasion to manage and control using all its institutions and agencies available.

It is no longer news that the good people of Plateau State have constantly been under attack for many reasons that have not been substantiated. They have been killed with their villages and homes burnt for unprovoked reasons, which are still pilled in the chests of the invaders or attackers.

In the past, it was said to be an external invasion of the state but as time passed and internal vigilance introduced, more of the attackers were traced from internal dwellers.

On or before the Christmas Eve, Nigerians were adequately informed that attacks were ongoing in some communities around Barakinladi and Bokkos Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Plateau State.

According to the information, the attacks started in the late hours of 23rd December 2023 and continued unabated till 24th December 2023.

Facts on ground indicate that several communities have been attacked and burnt while others are now under siege.

Communities affected based on the information received include Quataz, Meyanga, Tanti, Hurum of Bokkos LGA, and also NTV of Barkin\ladi LGAs.

From strategic analysis, it is clear that the yet-to-be-unmasked attackers may have planned to attack several areas at the same time to overwhelm the security agencies operating in the state.

This is because a similar strategy was employed by attackers when they attacked Mangu LGA and its environs in recent times.

Facts on ground indicate that the attackers have become emboldened more now due to the non-action against the situation.

It is therefore sad to note that in the Government of Plateau State, only the Executive Arm is making all efforts to implement the Constitutional call of securing the people.

While the helpless people in the Local Government Areas are running around for their safety, the Plateau State House of Assembly is not only under lock and key, but the Principal Officers are in their safe places HOLIDAYING.

It is sad to note also that the Speaker of the Assembly is also in a self-recess when the people he is supposed to protect by making and enforcing laws for good governance, order, and public peace, are been killed for unprovoked reasons which his institution, needs to investigate.

The Speaker’s continuous hiding under a political recess to save his seat from the 16 Lawmakers of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who just received their Certificate of Return from INEC, must be condemned by all.

He must call off his recess to enable the other Members of the Assembly perform their Constitutional responsibilities and assist the Executive Arm, led by Governor Caleb Mutfwang (Esq) in controlling the situation at hand.

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