Monday 11 December 2023


The people of Plateau State, since the rebirth of Democracy in 1999 in Nigeria have been trying to remain peaceful and co-exist with their neighbours in love.

It is a Historical fact that Plateau people are known to share things with their neighbours within any available space. From the markets, sports arenas, schools, restaurants, and drinking bars.

The show of oneness can also be traced to how the people unite in accident situations, where the identity of tribe, religion, ethnicity, sectionalism, or political affiliation is not regarded.

But, with the game of politics taking a huge part in the social interactions in the state, political interest has now become the dagger that is dividing the people across the 17 Local Government Areas (LGAs) as most citizens of the state now depend on Democratic Structures to provide food on the table and not for the essence of governing the people for a better welfare or provide an environment for peace and harmony.

From the facts on the ground on the Plateau, the registered and operating political parties in the state, have become the ideal and ideology of its members, supporters, and followers hence, the Plateau nature and dream have dropped.

Since 1999, most politicians in the Plateau political stage have gained and progressed more than the citizens and the state, despite their campaign promises.

They have constantly put in machinery on ground to enable them create the needed confusion and disunity among the citizens.

They have established a situation where the state would be dependent on them and not the other way around. They have made their homemade policies that of the administration and public policies at all times.

The citizens have been hugely impoverished, which makes them also dependent on the State and its runners. They get the little they can get and praise the administration, despite the various faults that are easily traceable and identifiable.

The general election of 2023, has exposed more of these anomalies, especially, when political parties had to resort to the use of religion, blackmail, and intimidation strategies.

The people are now introduced to the attitude of rejecting Court verdicts and establishing various protest models against, Judges of competent Courts.

Sadly, the new trend of tagging Party Candidates, State and Federal Agents, and their Workers as, “Enemies of the State” is most frightening, as it has caused hate across Local Government Areas, Tribe and Ethnic groups.

We advocate that all these anomalies must stop, as it is reaping off the state’s image and the known nature of the people.

Politics cannot replace the way of life of the people of Plateau State. The people have cultures and inheritance that must be jealously guided, guarded, maintained, and upheld at all times.

The people of Plateau State have been known for their peaceful nature and those playing politics within its environment must be called to respect that.  

As the Judiciary continues in the course of delivering more verdicts as it concerns the general elections of 2023 in the state, political parties must be made to be more responsible and cause peace within their folds since, the body language of Political Party Leaders reflects in the state of mutinying of the party Members, Followers and Supporters.

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