Friday 2 December 2022

Local Football Councils, Have A Great Role To Play In Football Development--Bayo Olanlege

By: Alfred Saiki,

The Chairman of Ekiti State Football Association, Mr. Bayo Olanlege has opined that, local football councils in any state will have a great role to play in football development in the country.

According to him, their viability can develop the round leather game faster.

Olanlege, expressed this view, while rounding off his local football council’s tour across the state in Efon and Ado local football councils on Thursday.


According to the astute grassroots football administrator, “Well-composed local football councils with proper leaderships and where all the components are working properly across the state will go a long way to help advance the course of football.

“Football will grow when we all play our parts as stakeholders across our various local football councils when the leaders take charge and do the right things”

Olanlege, further counseled that, the football business does not happen overnight as it takes a proper working system to nurture a player from being just a talent to one with great economic benefits.

“We can’t continue doing the same thing and expect different results. We must do things the right way to make money from football. Gone are the days when sports were just recreational activities. Now it is business!”.

Olanlege and his entourage, later formally identified with the Professional Football Association of Nigeria, Football Coaches Association, Referees Council, medical committee, and women’s football committee representatives at both the Efon and Ado Local Football Councils.

The visit to Efon and Ado local football councils concluded the tour around the sixteen Local Football Councils in Ekiti State. The visit was to sensitize football stakeholders about building a robust football ecosystem in the state.

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