Thursday 1 December 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Surprises trail the Town Hall Engagement Campaign organized by Women’s Rights Advancement And Protection Alternative (WRAPA) at the local Chief’s palace in Gyel community in Jos South Local Government Area (LGA) of Plateau State, on the issues of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and the Model Laws in the state, which are targeted at correcting and preventing the crimes.


Participants at the meeting, which include: the Police, Leaders of Culture and Faith, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), CBOs, the Media and other Support Services, were shocked, when they were informed that, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), was more rooted in Gyel Community and that the people of Gyel for a very long time have not been able to muster the courage to voice out.


The participants, while giving a feedback update on the strategies implemented to prevent violence in the community disclosed that, the lack of ability to voice out, concealing of information and the connivance of family members to protect and shield perpetrators, have given a breeding ground for most crimes, which includes Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG).


However, WRAPA’s Facilitator, Cmr. Steve Aluko-Daniel, took time to educate the participants on the provisions of the Model Laws, their accompanied punishments and jail terms.

Cmr. Aluko, dissected the Model Laws and specifically, explained the Laws as they relate to: Rape, Gang Rape, Compensations, Physical Injuries, Forceful Ejection, Marriage, Forceful Dependence, Stalking, Intimidation, Battery, Substance Abuse, Abandonment and Isolation, Indecent (Nude) Dressing among others.

Aluko, while rounding up, advised the participants to get the Laws and begin to sensitize the people. While adding that, what WRAPA as an NGO has done is simply bringing the knowledge of the Laws to them and it is therefore their responsibility to educate others.


Earlier, in her welcome speech, the State Project Officer (SPO), Mrs. Jummai Madaki, told the participants in clear terms that, “The dignity of a Woman is Human Rights”, as she took the participants through vocations which women now engage in like the men.

On her part, WRAPA’s Secretary-General, represented by, Lady Janet Conqueror, explained the objectives of the Town Hall Engagement and its expected effects to the participants.

She said that, the objectives of the Town Hall Engagement, include: facilitating a community-led town hall engagement, demanding the prevention of and accountability for VAWG and the effective implementation of the Model Laws in Plateau State, to establish the number of women and girls, who have access to support services, such as, legal aids, medical assistance, financial assistance, shelter and other assistance, to validate the number of Women Rights Organizations, whose capabilities have been built on their rights and existing support services and to demand the implementation of innovative strategies or action and plans committed to by the leaders of Faith and Culture for the effective implementation of the model Laws in Plateau state.

You would recall that, REALITY had reported earlier that, the Town Hall Engagement Campaign organized by Women’s Rights Advancement And Protection Alternative (WRAPA) in Bassa Local Government Council (LGC) of Plateau State, for the prevention, accountability for, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) and the effective implementation of the Model Laws in Plateau State was highly commended by participants.

According to the participants: The Police, Traditional Rulers, Civil Society Organizations (CSO), Rights Organizations, Leaders of Culture and Faith and the Media, the Town Hall Engagement was more an eye opener, as it enables participants to have more insight into the issues of domestic violence, the status of existing Laws and the need to create strategies in the prevention of VAWG in the implementation of the Model Laws in Plateau State, Nigeria.

According to the Police Boss in the Local Government, the need to create a desk at the Police station to deal with issues relating to VAWG and the Model Laws has become imperative and very necessary. Adding that, henceforth, violators of the Model Laws would be prosecuted according to the provisions of the Law.

On their part, the Traditional Rulers, led by HRH, Sariki Danladi Kasuwa, the Aima Grum-Nish-Hi in Bassa LGA, have taken a decision to formulate strategies to address issues captured in the Model Laws, especially, the need to include women and girls in the sharing of inheritance.

For the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Media Practitioners present, the need to have a new strategy to make victims speak out on violation would be more in focus, just as the need to protect and get justice for them.

On the part of the Leaders of Faith present, the need to take the campaign deeper into the grass roots of the Local Government is very important, as most untold stories of violation are domiciled there.

For the JNI in Jos North, represented by Bashir Salis and the representative of CAN in Bassa, the need to carry the message and education of the provisions of the Model Laws to the grass roots is important because, the people at that level may not have gotten any idea of what the Law is and the punishments of violations therein.


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