Saturday 16 April 2022


15th April, 2022.






The All Progressives Congress (APC), Plateau State Chapter has noticed with great concern and sadness the indifference of the supposed opposition Peoples Democratic Party in the state over the unfortunate attacks on our people which led to the loss of unsuspecting lives and wanton destruction of property.

Instead of joining hands with the people of the state in condemning the acts and preferring solutions to these cowardly acts, the party has always deliberately chosen to look the other way.

Known for its love for bogus figures, the party is the only one to have come out with a 300 number of people killed in the recent terrorist attacks on some  peaceful communities in Kanam and Wase Local Government Areas last weekend.

We know that every live lost in such manner is regretted and condemned as none of us can create one life.

This is not done as a demonstration of concern for the communities but as part of its usual irresponsible and pass time blaming of such unfortunate occurrences on the Governor of Plateau State.

The recent carnage visited on our people in the two local government areas, were widely condemned by Nigerians across political divides but not so for the Plateau PDP which has isolated itself from happenings around the state and the nation.

It always wakes up from its slumber and throws unnecessary blames on Governor Simon Lalong who is the Chief mourner in all the killings of our people by dare devil attackers.

We call on the PDP in Plateau state to be responsible and sensitive for once and join hands with the people and government of Plateau state in stemming the tide of these attacks, killing and maiming of our people either from Irigweland or the recent surprise terrorist invasion of some Kanam and Wase communities which left on its trails the loss of precious lives and displacement of many peasants.

What these communities need from all of us at this solemn moment is genuine show of love and assistance to alleviate their plight and not politics and shading of belated crocodile tears.

It is not in doubt that Governor Simon Bako Lalong, since assumption of power in 2015, has done everything possible to secure the people of Plateau State and reuniting the diverse ethnic nationalities in the state.

This has attracted commendation from all except the PDP which is not happy as  his efforts of uniting the people has gone against its divisive policy of causing disharmony and fractures which were part of the reasons for its being booted out of power.

It did not stop its blame game on only Governor Lalong but this time around, for intended political gains  it also extended the blame to the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives,  Rt. Honourable Idris Maje.

It mischievously claimed that the Deputy Speaker was busy celebrating Lesser Hajj in Saudi Arabia while his people were being killed.

This is a combination of mischief and crass ignorance. If not, when has the performance of a religious obligation such as the Lesser Hajj become a celebration?

Because the PDP in Plateau state which is enmeshed in intractable crises and endless litigation over its leadership and ownership, it has been so self distracted and has lost complete touch with current happenings.

If not, the party should have known that the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives,  Rt Honourable Idris Maje, a true son of Plateau state and proudly APC, presided  over the sitting of Federal House of Representatives physically and not visually when matters of urgent public interest condemning the Kanam and Wase Local Government killings were tabled.

The PDP should come out of its shell and stop the wishful thinking and false confidence that when it takes over power in 2023, it will do better.

Plateau people cannot be deceived by the twice rejected PDP in Plateau state as it has sufficiently proved that the leopard cannot change its spots.


Hon. Sylvanus Namang,

 APC State Publicity Secretary

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