Sunday 10 April 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

As the political stage is getting set in each registered political party to pick a candidate to represent it in the forthcoming 2023 governorship election in Plateau State, political watchers in the state are urging Mwaghavul people in Mangu Local government Area (LGA) to support the bid of the Ngas Nation.

Pundits in the state are of the view that, since they are neighbours and sharing very close borders, the need to support each other within the Central Zone would bring more positive impact to the zone.

You would recall that, REALITY had reported that, Stakeholders from PKK in the PDP are currently campaigning for a microzoning of the governorship ticket to PKK.

The campaigners, have said that, “There is no doubt, this is the turn of PKK to produce the governor because, Mangu/ Bokkos have done it before. As Stakeholders and Delegates in the coming election, we must do the needful.

“If Mwaghavul people believe it’s because they have the majority in the Central zone, they may have been misleading themselves, as they are not more populated than the Ngas people.

“The Federal Constituency, which they belong to has produced Dariye and it’s only fair that, they respect the others for peace and stability.

“If we can all agree that, our northern Aspirants shelve their ambitions to support the Central zone, then it follows that PKK should be supported by all”.

“There must be give and take to reflect the mood of the state. We have very strong contenders in PKK for the seat too! Therefore, there is no way we will give the governorship ticket to the Federal Constituency that has produced a governor and is presently holding on to the Deputy Governorship position in the state. It will not be fair, truly speaking!

Speaking on the sideline of this argument, Mr. Emmanuel Azi, a Social Scientist, who spoke to REALITY, while analyzing the facts on ground said, “I will strongly advise the Mwaghavul Nation to support the Ngas Nation’s bid for the forthcoming governorship election because, the Ngas people from information available to me, have decided to put Ngas Nation first and therefore would only support Ngas Aspirants across all the political parties that intend to contest the 2023 governorship race in the state”.

Mr. Samuel Oko, a Statistician, while adding his opinion to the issue, also called on the Mwaghavul Nation to look at the voting strength and pattern of the Ngas Nation before attempting to jettison their invitation to collaborate on the basis of the respected unwritten “Microzoning” arrangement in the zone since 1999, which had produced Sen. Joshua Dariye, as governor.

According to Mr. Oko, “The Mwaghavul People must be reminded that, there is a total of 207 federal wards in the state and they as a nation, control only 10 Wards out of the 14 Wards in Mangu LGA, while the Ngas has 10 Wards in Kanke LGA alone, not including Wards they control in Pankshin North and pockets of it in other LGAs around Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam (PKK) Federal Constituency of Plateau State.

“Secondly, since the people of PKK, have cried out citing marginalization, they may attract the sympathy of the Northern and Southern zones in the state, who have agreed to zone the governorship ticket to the Central Senatorial District”.

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