Monday 4 April 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The political wave in Plateau State is becoming attractive as it has started pulling away posters defacing the streets and buildings, unveiling the boys from the men, and true Aspirants from Pretenders.

Since the published schedule of activities leading to the coming Primary Election of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), several Aspirants in the Plateau State chapter of the PDP have bought both the Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms for different elective positions.

However, the major Form of interest to both party members and the citizens in the state is that concerning the governorship seat in Rayfield.

You would recall that, every 8 years, the tradition in the state politically speaking, has been the rotation of the occupant of the governorship seat among the three (3) Senatorial Zones.

The political calculation in the state has strong indications that, the next zone to benefit from this rotation is the Central Senatorial Zone, which has Kanke, Kanam Pankshin, Mangu and Bokkos as its component Local Government Area (LGAs).

Since the current nascent political history of the Country, Plateau Central Zone has occupied the governorship seat once and during the reign of Sen. Joshua Dariye, then as Governor, and representing the Mangu/Bokkos axis of the Central Senatorial Zone.

With 2023 on the line for think tanks, the political lobby to retain the unwritten rotation and further allow the Central Zone occupy the exulted seat is already heightened.

The elders of Ngas Nation and in the PDP are not left out on the lobbying table, as a crucial meeting of how to pick a candidate from the list of Aspirants in the PDP was held recently in Jos. REALITY can authoritatively state.

Our sources have revealed further that one name may soon emerge.

However, REALITY has been told that, four (4) Aspirants have indicated interest to contest and occupy the exulted seat from Pankshin, and Kanke LGAs, through their posters.


But, according to Hon. Tapwa Ngoma, a former Concillor, former Chairman of PDP Kanke LGA, only one Aspirant, Hon. Dr. Timothy Golu has bought the PDP’s Governorship Form and has presented same to the Ngas Nation and leaders of the party at that level.

He made this disclosure during an exclusive interview with REALITY, on 4th April, 2022.

Hon. Ngoma also disclosed that, only Dr. Golu has told party members of his governorship interest, while insisting that, some of the Aspirants are yet to be members of the party, despite their colourful posters in the streets.

Hon. Tapwa Ngoma in part during the interview said:-


“My name is Hon. Tapwa Ngoma. I am occupying the seat of Asst. State Treasurer covering Central Zone in the PDP office.

“I feel excited because, most of the APC stalwarts are coming back to the PDP and besides that, the transparency currently in the party is helping us. We have decided to always work towards people’s ambitions.

“Yes Sir! Even at my own local government I have a lot of APC members that have come to add value to the PDP.

“Yes, PDP respects zoning. We started from the Exco and in any other contest in the PDP, there is an agreement, it’s not a constitutional issue anyway, but it has been laid down in the PDP family. So, we always go by zoning offices.

“The PDP has its own way of handling things. If you want to contest for an election, you must identify with your Ward. After your Ward, you go to your Local Government. From there, the Local Government officers will forward your name to the state office.

“If you have not done that, you are yet to be a party member.

“Maybe you are just seeing that the PDP is a good party and you want to take pictures with its logo outside so that, people will see you and the beautiful aspect of it. But in the real sense, you must go through the processes I highlighted above.

“No! As a leader in PDP as an organization, I know that I have to follow things well with laid down procedures. So, whoever that comes and notifies me that he is seeking for a position in any capacity, I will simply ask him/her, if he/she is part of us.

“The membership card is there, the register is there. So, we must check all those facts before we okay you. If at all you have not passed through those processes, you will come as a new member, and the party will now insert your name as a new member which may then qualify you for a waiver.

“In Kanke Local Government, we have two existing members that are contesting that have also been part of the PDP for long. Dr. Hon. Timothy Golu, and David Paradang.

“Both of them have been members for  long and today, I can tell you categorically that, Dr. Timothy Golu has identified with the EXCO at the Ward, Local Government,  and even at the State level. But for Paradang, I want to tell you that, he has made pronouncements to contest and I have seen his posters outside, but he has never consulted with the party at all levels. So I don’t know whether he is interested in contesting.

“Well for Gotri, I have seen his posters everywhere, but I want you to know that, he has never notified us as party members that he is contesting election in PDP. I had to go back to his Ward and check his membership because, all the registers are now at our domain, and his name is not there as a PDP member.

“When you talking of Mangu Local Government’s “Mock Primary”, for a fact, this is not in the party’s Constitution. We don’t respect that one, but if such things happen within the community or society, maybe they want to try and see how they can get one person to represent them so that, they can trash Kanke out of the race, but it will be impossible because, as of now I can mention some few names that have purchased the form, contrary to expectations of those who planned and handle it.

“I want to repeat here that, apart from Dr. Timothy Golu, no other person has bought the governorship form among the Ngas nation, if not for the extension by the national office, which may give further opportunity for others”.

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