Tuesday 21 June 2022


By: Our Reporter,


Gentlemen of the Press,

As the Plateau APC Concern Vanguard, we want to remind you that, Governor Simon Lalong was mistakenly elected as the Governor of Plateau State, as a result of former Governor David Jonah Jang’s imposition of a right and best candidate on Plateau people at the wrong time. This governor Lalong seems to have forgotten too soon.

It is on record that, since the election of the Plateau State Governor into office, he has not conducted any free and fair election beside imposition of persons at all levels of elective and appointive offices in the state.

Similarly, the selection of, Dr. Nentawe Yilwada, was purely a gross abuse of the APC guidelines, specifically to  mentioned the election or imposition of delegates up to the election of the gubernatorial candidate. This process from all political fronts was not done by Lalong.

Why Not?

Because Lalong said that he has already purchased the ticket from the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party through the APC National Chairman by using his puppet, which he has successfully imposed on the Plateau people, as the Deputy National Secretary of the APC in the person of, Hon. Festus Fwantur.

No wonder then that, the imposed APC gubernatorial candidate in the person of Dr. Natawe, was not issue any waver because he was an employee of INEC.

Up till today, the 20/06/2022 that, Hon. Festus (Esq), through the Emperor purchased the APC Governorship Form there has not been a waver for, Dr. Nentawe.

Permit us to draw your attention and that of the APC Founding Fathers to the fact that, Lalong in his desperation to impose Dr. Nentawe upon Plateau people and APC, the National Stakeholders lied that, Nentawe was the endorsement of Gen. Yakubu Gowon (Rtd). Just to earn him President Buhari’s adoption and sympathy.

It is on sound record with evidence that, when Dr. Nentawe was the Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) in Benue state, he did send an INEC/ICT staff from Benue to Plateau to manipulate votes in the state that later favoured Lalong’s re-election in 2019.

It’s now clear that the said Dr. Nentawe, who by INEC’s Act was not suppose to contest any elected position until after some period of years, has been imposed on Plateau people to come and protect Lalong’s lootings and his assets at home and in Dubai from EFCC and ICPC.

We are of the knowledge that, Dr. Nentawe has already graciously agreed to cover the outgoing Governor’s mess.

It’s also on sound authority that, we want to state that Governor Lalong is not a respecter of the Procurement Act because all his transactions have been between him, his family, brothers and sisters, In-laws and close friends.

Gentlemen of the press, because of Lalong’s desperation for power and beside his being clownishly used as the 19 Northern Governor’s Chairman, everyone knows that, he is with Rotimi Ameachi and he did authoritatively directed the Plateau State “selected delegates”,  to vote  for his principal in the person of Ameachi at the APC Presidential Primary.

It was a democratic evil, when he also gave a directive that all his selected delegates should snapped their votes as a prove to earn him favour, while thinking Rotimi Ameachi will certainly emerged.

But, as the table turned around, he shamelessly dumped Ameachi and began to solicit for a running mate from Asiwaju Tinubu, whom he had earlier disowned.

To us, this is Governor Lalong’s hypocrisy of the highest order, added to his bad character and sad attitude of “Politics of Betrayal”.

Despite all the chances and opportunities given to him by the National Chairman of APC in the person of Sen. Abdullahi Adamu , Lalong was on a National Television, opposing the Adamu and his office, without consideration to his pedigre, position, age and position, and yet, he continuously claimed being loyal to Buhari and Abdullahi Adamu.

Who then is fooling who?

It’s now clear to all that, he who plays the piper dictates the tune.

Governor Lalong discredited his National Chairman earlier on the grounds of equity, fairness and justice and that, the Presidential slot should moved to the South, with Ameachi in mind, but as things unfold and changed during the Presidential Primary election and the APC settled for Sen. Tinubu, whom he detested, we are all therefore wondering with surprise, over his present interest.

More so, we are inquisitive to know, Sen. Tinubu did not come to Plateau state to canvass for votes from delegates in the first place, and why, despite the unhidden frustration meted on Sen. Tinubu’s campaign team, and with the help of the G-18 Plateau Gubernatorial Aspirants, Asiwaju was able to secure 26 votes from Plateau APC delegates without the Emperor’s knowledge?

As a Vanguard, we want Lalong to know that, he cannot take the glory of something he never supported and suddenly wants the moment to turn into an opportunity that will enable him seek for the position of the Vice President, as been agitated for by his Brothers, In-laws, Commissioners and Friends.

For ease of reference and in respect to the above submissions, we humbly refer you (Gentlemen of the Press) to, Hon. Ibrahim Dasuki Nakande (the former Minister of State for Information) Press Release on, “Why Tinubu should not pick governor Lalong as running Mate”.

We are using this opportunity therefore, to call on the APC National Working Committee (NWC) to come and rescue Plateau else, the Zamfara State sad episode will surely repeat itself on the Plateau.

Furthermore, we the APC Vanguard are  calling on the national body of the APC, to disregard  the notion of being bought over, as alleged by Lalong and Hon. Festus (Esq), but to come down and rescue APC on the Plateau for posterity sake.

In conclusion, the National Chairman, Sen. Abdullahi Adamu, should watch his back regarding Lalong’s quest to be Vice President because that would make the office of the National Chairman in the North Central zone, insignificant, and of no importance.

Hence, we The Concern Vanguard of APC on the Plateau  are saying, we prefer the APC National Chairman seat than that of the Vice President especially to a self-centered  person   who only thinks of himself.

We equally advise the NWC to be more careful with Hon. Festus, who is planted to draw them down.

Watch out for the next episode.

Samson Pam.. Chairman

Nicholas Jatau Fabian…Secretary


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