Thursday 16 May 2024


 By: Amb. Valentine Adese (JP),

As the Nation, Plateau State people, and Nigerians at large, prepare to celebrate the coming Democracy Day and the One Year in office of most elected political office holders, the Chairman of Jos North Local Government, Hon. Samuel Dala Umaru has described the Governor Caleb Mutfwang (Esq) of Plateau State, as a blessing to his Local Government Area (LGA).

Hon. Dala, in an exclusive interview with REALITY at his office, said that the Governor has fulfilled, 90% of the promises he made to the electorate, especially the people of Jos North Local Government.



He said, “Within one of Governor Mutfwang’s administration, the State Government has been able to assist us, especially in our Local Government, Jos North, in the area of infrastructure, particularly on the issue of bad roads.

“If you go through Jos North and its environs, you will discover that the roads used to be bad, and not motorable in the past, but now as we speak, the State Government has rehabilitated most of them and they are now motorable.

“For a fact, there is now a free flow of traffic, which was not the case before. So, we must appreciate the State Government for these interventions.

“For his feat so far, the good people of Jos North, are happy and are celebrating the Mutfwang-led Government.

Apart from the ongoing road rehabilitation, Chairman Dala, told REALITY that, farmers in the Local Government have been lacking the right words to express their appreciation to the Governor, especially with the recently distributed fertilizers. 

 He said, “Apart from roads, there is this issue that has to do with fertilizer, the State Government also made sure that fertilizers were made available to the good people of Jos North Local Government Area.

“As you are aware, one of the cardinal agenda of the State Government is to make sure that the “Land is Green”. So, the land can only be green when there are assorted and available fertilizers.

“The Citizens in Jos North are happy with the State Government for providing fertilizers for the farmers of Jos North, as they have been able to cultivate the land, invariably making the land “green”.

“The issue of security is also cardinal, without security, most of these things will not be achieved. The State Government have been on top of security issues, and that is why, since we assumed office, you will discover that some of the efforts we are putting in place have yielded dividends and it has been maintained and we have been living without any challenge within this period of One year of Governor Mutfwang’s administration under review.

“There are so many things the State Government has done to the people of Jos North that we will always remain grateful for as we celebrate the apostle of “The Time is Now”, Barr. Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang, the Executive Governor of Plateau State”.


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