Thursday 20 June 2024


By: Amb. Valentine Adese (JP),

The new leadership of the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC), led by its Chairman, Hon. Plangji Cishak has commenced activities.

The Commission has commenced its activities with interactions with critical stakeholders including the Media and its Practitioners to see how trust would be rebuild and hope restored in the entire electoral process in the state. REALITY gathered.

In a press conference today (6/20/2024) by the Commission, aimed at forging a partnership with Media Practitioners in the state, the Chairman, Hon. Plangji said, the role of the Fourth Realm is pivotal not only in disseminating the messages of the Commission, but also in projecting the transparent processes the Commission is aimed to implement. 

Adding explicitly that “As electoral umpires, our mandate is unequivocal; to fortify the electoral frame work from the Ward level up to the Local Government through credible election processes.

“We have already commenced immediate actions and readiness checks, identifying administrative and operational gaps and weaknesses, developing and implementing policies that will pave the way for free, fair, and credible elections at the grass-roots.

“Our goal is to establish a level playing field that instills confidence across all political parties in Plateau State, respecting its multi-party nature.

“Under my watch, PLASIEC is steadfast in its commitment to ensuring that every Plateau Citizen exercise their democratic right to vote for local leaders”.

The Chairman, and the Secretary of the Commission, Pam Davou (Esq), flanked by other Members of the Commission (Hon. Waziri Kwande, Hon. Theresa Kaze, Mrs. Deborah Akanle, Hon. Ado Adare, Hon. Audu Dorzhi), who took time to thank the State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang (Esq) and the Speaker and Members of the State House of Assembly, for the opportunity given to them to serve, also promises to hold their jobs “sacred”.

“We are equally thankful to Governor Caleb Manasseh Mutfwang for entrusting my team, responsible men and women of integrity to lead the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC).

“We thank the Rt. Hon. Speaker and Honourable Members of the Plateau State House of Assembly for a thorough screening and confirming all the Members of the Commission as required by Law in spite of political differences by putting the interest of Plateau first.  

“It is a duty we hold sacred. Our foremost intention is to foster collaboration among all stakeholders, particularly the citizens of Plateau State, ensuring their voices are heard in the choice of leaders at the grassroots and their votes count”. The press statement stated in part.

Earlier, REALITY gathered that the leadership and members of the Commission had a parley with the workers and other staff of the Commission to see how to forge and change the narrative of elections in the state.

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