Wednesday 20 October 2021


By: Valentine Adese (JP) and Naomi Paul,

Hon. Suleiman Y. Kwande, a former Member of the Lower Chambers of the National Assembly, then representing Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency has finally challenged other aspirants bidding for the seat in the forthcoming rerun election, to showcase their worth and what they have done in their Wards that are beneficial to the Constituents.

You would recall that, the seat for Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State has become vacant, owing to the demise of Hon. Haruna Maitala, who died in an accident, along Jos-Abuja road.

In a interaction with the Editor-in Chief of REALITY Newspaper/Radio, Prince Valentine Adese (JP), Hon. Kwande, disclosed that, he is bidding to occupy the seat in order to attract more developments to the Constituency.

According to him, “It depends on what your intentions are when you go to represent people at the National Assembly. If you go there to make Laws, passing Bills and Motions it’s Ok. If you go there with the intention of bringing developments to your communities is another.

“My primary aim is actually to go there again, and bring development to my Constituency, such as hospitals, roads, schools, water projects, scholarships among others.

“We have lots of Laws in the country. I don’t know what Law that I can propose that would change the lives of people in Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State that have not been enacted before now. If there is, I have always said it, that one can have a private Bill.

On the aspect of Law, there is a law that has always been a bottle neck in this country, and that is concerning indigeneship and citizenship”.


Hon. Suleiman added that, if given the opportunity with respect to Lawmaking, he would want to pursue a Bill that would add more Law makers in the two Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Jos-North and Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State.

He said, “Then in the Constitutional review, almost every Law that matters was reviewed. What I had in mind then was to break Jos-North and Bassa LGs further, to give them more accommodation and opportunities. If I am not mistaking, Local Governments as old as them have been shared in a way that gives more accommodation. See Kaduna, we have Kaduna North, South and Central, same with Kano and other notable cities in the country.

“But, as large as, Jos-North is, it still shares a Constituency with Bassa, another large LG. So, to my mind, it is high time both are separated and two more members of the State House of Assembly added to the existing structures. Two Lawmakers in Jos-North and Bassa LGs is my proposal. So, if I am given this opportunity, this is one area of Law or amendment I would want to pursue.

“However, to say I am going to the House primarily to go and make Law for one benefit or the other, it would be a longer process when compared with putting more efforts to attract developments to the Constituency.

Speaking on other Aspirants in the race, Hon. Kwande challenged them to showcase their contributions to their wards first, before comparing with his achievements.


He said he is sure that, the Aspirants on ground would agree that he has drawn more benefits to their Wards than they have ever done.

In his words, he said, “I will be as straight forward and polite as possible. Anybody that has been on this seat should show me what he has done in his own ward and I will show him what I have done there. Also, any of these Aspirants, who feel they have a track record in their ward should be bold to show their achievements and I will tell and show what I have equally done in his place and not even mine”.

Hon. Suleiman also debunked the rumours making the rounds that he is financial broke. He said such rumours are unfounded and a fake news.

He said, “That I am broke! This is the first time I am hearing of this! How would I be broke? I contested for the seat in 2011, not even being a member of the House, and the person, who basically sponsored me, is still alive. I have my brothers, sisters and friend still around me. My businesses are growing and I am still putting more efforts in my football business. So I don’t know where this would be coming from. Be sides, it’s not all about money it is the value people hold about you as a person. However, the issue of me not going to be able to sponsor myself is scrap and fake news!”


On the second rumour that, the All Progressives Congress (APC) his party is shaky, Hon. Suleiman said, he does not believe that, and even if it is shaky, it is his responsibility and that of other members of the party to keep it stable and firm.

He said, “I don’t think APC is shaking, APC is my party and if it is shaking, then I have a responsibility to make it stable and firm. I know my capacity and per degree towards that!

“You must know that in an election, it is not only the party that matters. The candidate matters too! I am a reliable one, and I have a good and stable relationship with members of my constituency.

“I believe I sell the party and I will continue doing that better! I really don’t like it when people criticize my party too!”


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