Sunday 28 April 2024


By: Amb. Valentine Adese (JP),

The Berom people in Nigeria have described the Governor of Plateau State, Caleb Mutfwang (Esq) as a listening Governor.

According to Edward Pwajok (SAN), in an On-The-Spot interview with Journalists at the Secretariat of the Commission set up by Governor Mutfwang (Esq) to look into the complaints arising out of the 2015 Chiefdoms, Districts, and Village Areas, he also submitted that the Berom people also believe in the communicated message of the Governor, as a “Message of Peace”.

He said, “The Berom people listened to his message patiently!” 


Hear Pwajok (SAN) in part: “To the glory of God, on this very special day, the Berom people have been meeting after receiving the communication from the Government of Plateau State, for people to forward their complaints over the gazette made after 2015, arising from the creation of Chiefdoms, Districts, and Village Areas.

“The Berom People have been hurt, and they have been complaining but it seems this is time that the Government has chosen to listen to their cries.

“We are aware that other parts of the state may have no complaints but I want to say this without any equivocation that this is the time that the Berom people who have been hurt have listened patiently to the message from the Government. That it is a message of peace.


“So, we said we too are peace-loving persons. So, the entire Berom Nation led by His Majesty, the Gbong Gwom Jos himself met.

“You can see all our Royal Fathers, the Chiefs here, Leaders of all Organizations, Our Senators, serving and retired Members of the National Assembly, and indeed all our political leaders across party lines, have met and we say let us speak with one accord because indeed, we are ONE.

“We have been feeling pain by the decisions of the Government, to degrade and humiliate the stool of the Gbong Gwom Jos. This is a revered stool!

“There is no one on the Plateau, whether he is Berom or not, who does not know of the illustrious history of the stool of the Gbong Gwom Jos. As a matter of fact, other ethnic groups in the state, see the Bong Gwom, not only as a Father of the Berom people but as a Father of the entire state.

“But, the Beroms woke up one morning and found that the Government by a letter, wrote that, the Ujah Anaguta is now the Chairman of Jos North Traditional Council, and the Attah Aten is the Chairman of Riyom Traditional Council, respectively. 

“The question is, what then is the fate of the Gbong Gwom Jos?”

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