Wednesday 17 April 2024



By: Amb. Valentine Adese (JP) and Marvelous Ori Jerome

The Plateau State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has called on the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to get prepare for a strong and robust media opposition in the state to be led by, Dr. Shittu Bamaiyi, the APC’s State Publicity Secretary.

Speaking during a Press Conference in his office at the State APC Headquarters, and in an Exclusive Interview with REALITY Crew, the State Chairman of the APC, Hon. Rufus Bature, expressed surprise why the ruling PDP is so upset with the appointment of Dr. Shittu Bamaiyi as APC’s Spokesperson.

You would recall that the PDP in a Press Statement, dated 8th April 2024, signed by, Hon. Emmanuel Tuwan, the PDP’s State Secretary, as a response to a piece of earlier information concerning an alleged plan to close down the Plateau State University Bokkos, said to have been allegedly authored by, Dr. Shittu, tagged: “RE: PLATEAU STATE UNIVERSITY BOKKOS RISKS BEING CLOSED DOWN”, had stated as follows, while discrediting the person of Dr. Shittu: "We want to alert Plateau people about this alleged liar, Shittu Bamaiyi. He has returned as the APC Spokesperson to continue spreading falsehoods, just like he did during the campaigns and legal battles.

“Whenever you see an article, hear a voice, or encounter anything associated with Shittu Bamaiyi, please disregard it as it likely contains misinformation."

However, while responding on this line of reaction by the PDP, the State Chairman of the APC, Hon. Rufus, in an interview with REALITY, in part said, “Just a week after the APC appointed Dr. Bamaiyi, the People's Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau State is expressing strong disapprovals.

“In a frantic and seemingly fearful press statement signed by the PDP Plateau State Secretary, Hon. Emmanuel Tuwan, the party devoted a significant portion to criticizing the appointment.

It's unfortunate that the PDP, a governing party, now resorts to emotional outbursts.   

We are still mourning the tragic loss of the APC's seasoned Publicity Secretary, Mr. Sylvanus Namang. We pray the perpetrators face eternal punishment on earth and beyond.

“The appointment of the articulate and intelligent, Dr. Shittu Bamaiyi, as APC Spokesperson is certainly an encouraging news to members of the APC and Plateau people among other citizens in the state, much to the PDP's dismay.

“The PDP's use of uncouth language, insults, and personal attacks by their large media team suggests they have no tolerance for opposition. However, a healthy democracy requires a credible opposition.

“The PDP should prepare for a strong media opposition to be led by Dr. Bamaiyi among others”.

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