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By: Reuben Egba,

The Book, “INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS” written by Mr. KUMS SIMON NANKAP, is not only aimed at broadening the knowledge of Students, but all citizens who daily get involve in International Relations (IR) every time they vote in an election or watch the news.

From the insert of the book, Mr. Kums, Simon Nankap, holds a Master Degree in International Relations and Strategic Studies from the profound University of Jos- Nigeria. He is a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science, University of Jos. He is happily married with two children.

His Book, “INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS” is heartily recommended for all Students of Political Science, International Relations and Diplomacy, Security Studies, History and others taking the course as an elective. It is designed to give beginners and those who want to make a career in the discipline a firm standing, grounding and/or clarity of the subject matter. 

The discipline of International Relations is a fast growing subject of study. Its dynamic nature, broadness in scope and complexity of the interactions among different groups (both state and non-state actors) makes it a challenging field for one to completely master; as new events unfold every day.

It came to be recognized as an academic discipline in the aftermath of the first, World War, when the leading statesmen of America, Britain, and France endeavored to establish durable peace by supplementing the traditional method of balance of power with the mechanism of collective security system under the auspices of an international organization.

The Book made emphasis on the fact that, International Relations (IR) is not only as perceived by some people that; "IR is a distant and abstract ritual conducted by small group of people like Presidents, Generals and Diplomats".


Mr. Simon made it reasonably clear that this assumption is not accurate because despite the fact that leaders play a major role in international affairs, many other people participate as well.

For instance, he explained that the choices we make in our daily lives ultimately affect the world we live in.

Mr. Kums, defined and explained that; International Relations is the study of conflict and cooperation among international actors, as furthered by the development and testing of propositions about international outcomes.

He also made it more understandable that the field of International Relations (IR) is concerned with the relationship among the various governments of the world. As these relationships are linked with that of other Actors such as: International Organizations (IOs), Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs), Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and notable individuals which make them interdependent.

The book, INTRODUCTION TO INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS” as writing and made public by Mr. Kums, indeed, further stated that “No nation can live in isolation or independent of other nations; whether big or small, rich or poor, powerful or weak, every nation depends on other nations for one thing or the other”.

This explains why all states in the international system live in an atmosphere of interdependence; though with others benefitting more depending on how such a state makes use of its statecraft.

According to Professor Audu Nanven Gambo, National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), Kuru, 2021; once stated that, International Relations as an academic discipline has evolved in Nigeria Universities over the years and that in most Universities, International Relations is domiciled in the Department of Political Science. A few universities have established Department of International Relations as a distinct academic field of studies. It is an interesting field of studies that easily captures the interest of University Students who are curious about knowing the dynamics of war and peace, conflict and cooperation. The scope of the discipline of International Relations is quite wide and includes every aspect of human endeavours. THAT IS WHY THIS BOOK IS A MUST BUY!

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