Monday 25 July 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The Deputy Speaker of the Nigerian 9th Assembly of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Ahmed Idris Wase, who is representing the people of Wase Federal Constituency, of Plateau State has charged Journalists to be diligent in their work and reporting in order to improve the tenets of Democracy in Nigeria.

Rt. Hon. Ahmed, who had an interview with a section of Journalists in his residence in Jos, yesterday, also urge Journalists, whom he described as the 4th Realm of Governance, to put in more passion on their job in order to report accurately, especially, with the ongoing insecurity challenges facing the country.

He also disclosed that, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) has vindicated him when his alarm and outcry during the past administration that, the ongoing mining activities in Wase (his Constituency) is attracting criminality and banditry and was ignored.

The Deputy Speaker explained that, the insecurity in his Constituency did not just start in one day and that, what the people of Plateau State and Nigerians at large are witnessing now, may possibly be the “Apex of it”.

On the plans of Federal Government to checkmate the ongoing security, Rt. Hon. Wase declined to answer, saying that, it would be disclosing government’s plans and solution to even those who are causing the problem.

He however, lamented government’s failure. He said, “We have failed in our responsibility, as so charge and we have our conscience on that!”


Rt. Hon. Ahmed, in the interview in part said, “First is for me to appreciate the good work that you people are doing as Journalists. You are the 4th realm of governance in the country.

“I employ you to do your jobs diligently. This will help in improving the colour and tenets of Democracy in the country too!

“I urge you to continue to do your job with passion, with the insecurity situation we are in and continue to report accurately.

“I appreciate you want to discuss the issue of insecurity and the measures been taken by government to solve and resolve the issues causing it, but you don’t discuss security measures aimed at mitigating insecurity publicly. You people should at least help us to maintain the situation as it is now.


“If I now roll out to you, the plans to you, which means I have given out the answers as to what we are doing to solve the problem and those causing the problem as you know, are also on the watch out. However, I will tell you in all honesty that, we are doing our best and we shall continue to do our best.

“It is a fact that, the primary function of every government is to protect life and property.

“We have failed in our responsibility, as so charge and we have our conscience on that!

“The insecurity did not just start in one day. The security problem in my own axis in Wase, possibly, we are seeing the apex of it.

“If you recall sometime in the past, I moved a Motion on the floor of the House, calling on the attention of the then administration, concerning the activities of criminals and bandits in mining sites in Wase and other states, which was ignored. But, I have being vindicated now by the present position of the Federal Government (F.G) in terms of asking for the closure of all mining sites, both legal and illegal.

“Zamfara State is one good example. You can see all that had happened and is happening there. I must honestly tell you that, the roles of every group and bandits that are now in my Constituency in Wase has a lot of linkage with those, who are mining.

“So, the mining activity is one factor that has increased the insecurity in my constituency.

“Secondly, wherever you find mining activities, you will find criminality and banditry there because, lot of drugs movements and other substances are consumed there and this is part of the problem.

“If you recall, I earlier said, I moved that Motion when Rt. Hon. Dogara, was the Speaker of the House Reps. He took steps, to the extent that, his Adviser came and we went to the environment and he gave a very robust directive. Unfortunately, in our own clime, you know what will ordinarily happen and you can now see what it has brought us to today.

“But, by the grace of God, we are doing our best as a Government and taking action. Several Motions have been moved both Executive and Private, especially, using my own position to make sure the right things are done to solve this problem and I did suggested what we should do.

“In all, we are doing our best, to make sure that, the property and lives of Nigerians are secured!”


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