Tuesday 19 July 2022


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Hon. Pam Botmang has dedicated the “Meritorious Award”, for his Excellent Services in Plateau State and the nation at large, awarded to him by the Independent Publishers’ Association (IPA) to the Youths of Plateau State.

The occasion, which took place in his residence in Jos, Plateau, was graced by dignitaries, from his neighbourhood, fellow Commissioners, APC members, and youths representatives in the state.


In his remarks during his acceptance speech, Hon. Botmang said, since he is still a youth and the importance of the youths cannot be overemphasized in the need to develop the state, he has dedicated the Award of IPA to Plateau Youths.


He said, the Award would spur him and other youths in APC and the state together to do the needful and make the state proud.

Hon. Pam, thanked the State Governor, Rt. Hon. Simon Lalong for also giving the opportunity to serve the state and Dr. Nentawe for bringing him on board as his running mate in the coming 2023 governorship election in the state.


Earlier in his Speech, the Chairman of IPA, Mr. Shabul Mazadu, had told the audience that, “The essence of the Award is to spur Hon. Pam Botmang into doing more, both in the private and public sector”.

Adding that, “His outstanding performance and pedigree, humility, vision and penchant for prosperity, unity and progress, endeared Dr, Nentawe Yilwada, the APC gubernatorial candidate to pick him as his running mate seeing they float on the same visionary pedestal of transforming Plateau into a glorious haven”.

Placing his thought in that line and identifying IPA, the Plateau state Commissioner of Information and Communication, Hon. Dan Manjang said, “I know this group and I know them individually. They are Professionals”.


He said, “You have been talk about IPA. If there is any body that can tell you more of IPA, is me. If anybody will tell anything about Journalists in this state, it is also me. This is because; I have been in that terrain, leading these Journalists right from Da. Jonah Jang’s era.


“I know them as individuals and I know them in their groups. There are Journalists and there are Journalists because, I am also one and I can tell you that, if you see a good Journalist, you will know him. If you see a “yellow” one, you will also know him, because we have Yellow Journalism.


“If you see them, you will know their stuff. If Valentine Adese (JP) and Shabul Mazadu speak, for an example, and all their members, who are also my friends too, you will know their stuff.

“This is the right group of Journalists on the Plateau!

This is because, they bear their minds. That, Shabul agrees with you today does not mean he would agree with you tomorrow. This is what is called, PROFESSIONALISM, and because he disagrees with you today, does not mean he would not agree with you tomorrow.


“Their style of writing is totally different! You give a script to a reporter, many will do cut and pest. But, this group reports, they simply use the script to report.

“This group has never failed us and I believe they will never fail Plateau people”.


On his part, the Chairman of Jos South Local Government Council, Hon. Gideon Dung Dandereng, who came to witness the ceremony with most of the members of the Legislative Arm of the Council, in an interview with Journalists at the venue, said he commends IPA for identifying Hon. Pam Botman for the Award.

He said the Award would spur him to work and work more.

In part, Hon. Gideon said, “I came in this morning to witness the Award presentation by IPA to Hon. Pam Botmang.

“Let me first of all commend those that were able to identify him. Pam Botmang is a silent achiever. He has demonstrated leadership, as far as, we are concerned.

“We are aware that he has provided employment to several youths of this state and across tribal lines.

“To me, he is a detribalized Nigerian and I think this award is timely.

“With this development, I now believe the APC has not made a mistake to have chosen him as the running mate to Dr. Nentawe Yilwatda.

“As far as I am concerned, the reward for hard work is more work and this Award has actually confirmed that Pam is working and I therefore have a strong believe from the bottom of my hear that, he is going to help and complement Dr. Nentawe and take Plateau State to the next level.


“You can see form the engagement of Dr. Nentawe that, he has distinguished himself from any other candidate in Plateau State. His discussions over time have all been issue based and he has also brought in Hon. Pam Botmang to synergies the system. We all have the Plateau State of our dream in our mind and we want to bequeath a legacy to the unborn Plateau child”.

Others who contributed like his neighbours applauded Hon. Pam for his humility and human interest in the community.



Speech of the Independent Publishers Association, IPA, Chairman, Shabul Mazadu, on Meritorious Award Presentation to Honourable Pam Botmang, Commissioner of Works and Gubernatorial Running Mate of Dr. Nentawe Yilwada, of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Plateau State on 19th July, 2022

Good morning your Excellency, the awardee, invited guests, gentlemen of the press, ladies and gentlemen.

Permit me to stand on existing protocol.

The Independent Publishers Association (IPA) is here this day to recognize the meritorious services rendered by Hon. Pam Botmang, both in the private and public sectors by bestowing a meritorious service award on him.

It is worthy of note that aside the conventional role of the media in disseminating information, influencing public opinion positively and exposing vices in society, IPA as an association of newspapers and magazines publishers and radio station owner, deems it fit to encourage proponents and executors of progress, development, unity and selfless services to the society by conferring awards of excellence and merits on deserving citizens so as to boost their morale in doing more.

In this regard, having observed and appreciated the numerous services rendered by Hon. Pam Botmang, both in the Public and Private sector, IPA proudly decides to confer a Meritorious Award on him.

Botmang, when he was in his mid-twenties, started his odyssey in service to the society in the late nineties precisely 1998, where he embarked on his journey in the private sector at Hamstang Limited in Lagos, as a commercial officer, and progressed to commercial Manager and General Manager.

While also in the private sector, he held many positions both in associations and organizations some at the same time and others at different intervals such as: he played a role as a Director of Grand Cereals and Oil Mills Ltd Jos, Nigeria from 2015 – 2018. He was the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Indigenous Shipping Agents & Operators Association of Nigeria (ISAOAN) Lagos, Nigeria 2011 – 2018; he was also a Director, Tenti Greens Farms Ltd Vom, Nigeria 2009 – 2018; Managing Director/CEO, Sapphire Shipping Limited Lagos, Nigeria 2009 – 2018; An indigenous and fully licensed shipping and logistics service company within major seaports and airports across the country with the headquarters in Lagos Nigeria.

He set up the Platinum Services Ltd which has since been operational and is standing tall amongst such ventures in Nigeria’s commercial hub of Lagos where is providing a full range of logistic services to clients across the globe.  This made him an employer of Labour since his early thirties and has remained so.

Platinum is a licensed shipping company with wide range of professional shipping services in general agency practice, special agency, owner’s protection/supervision, crew manning and all types of claim handling, Disport Agency, Ship Owners’ Representatives/Protective Agents, Ship Charterers, Maritime Brokers, and supply of Bunkers.

Botmang’s company which flourishes to the admiration of all has two subsidiaries with staff strength of 55.

His prowess and stamina in handling different and many positions at the same time, has proven his sagacity in many fields of life’s endeavours, and a workaholic in whom there is no sluggishness.

In his quest of giving back to his mother state, Plateau, Pam left the comfort zone of Lagos and accepted to serve the state as Commissioner of Works.

As Commissioner of Works, he supervised all the projects completed by the Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, administration, and new ones initiated by the same administration such as the completion of the high way from Mararaban Jama’a to Dogon Karfe, completion of the Secretariat Junction Flyover, reconstruction of the Miango Road with spur to Domkat Bali, Tudun Wada and Rukuba Roads. Others were the completion of Mangu-Gindiri road, mounting of street lights in Jos and Bukuru Metropolis and all the ongoing legacy projects in the seventeen local government areas and not forgetting the current flyover being constructed at British-America Junction with dual carriage to Lamingo Junction.

Time and space will not allow me to mention all the projects executed by the Lalong administration under his watch.

Hon. Botmang has distinguished himself in all his areas of endeavours by being committed to his job, discipline and with excellent rapport with co-workers.

His outstanding performance and pedigree, humility, vision and penchant for prosperity, unity and progress, endeared Dr, Nentawe Yilwada, the APC gubernatorial candidate to pick him as running mate seeing they float on the same visionary pedestal of transforming Plateau into a glorious haven.

The essence of the award is to spur him into doing more both in the private and public sector.

Thank you for listening and God bless.



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