Monday 12 June 2023


By: Hauwa Kabir,

A onetime Senatorial Aspirant from Zone Three (3) in Kaduna State, Barr. Samuel Bature has congratulated the Governor of the state, Sen. Uba Sani, as the nation celebrates another Democracy Day.

Barr Samuel in his goodwill/congratulatory message sent to media house and also made available to REALITY stated that, “Governor, Sen. Uba Sani’s victory at the polls was well deserved”.


He also called on all citizens in Kaduna State to continue to pray for the Governor for that reason.

“Barr Samuel Bature, further reiterated that, we shall continue to pray for the success of his administration as our Governor because, at the end of the day, if he succeeds in the state we shall equally succeed as a people”. The statement reads in part.

While expressing strong confidence in the Governor’s ability, Bature went further to say: “we believe strongly that, Sani will bring the much needed change just like we believed in Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and gave him our votes against strong criticisms and wild condemnations. Our records speak volume”.


While advising the people and the Governor on the way forward, Barr Bature stated that, “It’s important to note that, the race for 2031 has already started and the standard for assessing who the anointed one will be among the northern Governors will be based on a State that promote peace, unity and development.

“The conundrum in Southern Kaduna must be addressed. He knows and will intelligently solve the puzzle to the satisfaction of the people, the state and the country at large”.

Adding that, “Sani knows bad advisers, if he hears one and he shouldn’t pay attention to them, but rather, follow the good leadership style of Asiwaju at the Federal level and at the same time rule Kaduna State like Bola Tinubu ruled Lagos when he was the Governor there without regards to ethnic and religious coloration. Knowing fully well that Kaduna State is the prototype of Nigeria with the same intricacies and ramifications”.

As a path to success and better plans for the future and peaceful co-existence in the state, Bature in his Democracy Day message stated that, “It is an obvious fact that, the government of Bola Tinubu would do more than his predecessors have done since 1999 and in the same vein, Uba Sani must follow suit and do more than the past Governors of the state.


“He should rule the state with the fear of God and respect for Mankind, the rule of law, equity and fair play and not “My-kind” by so doing he would destroy his enemies and cause confusion in the oppositional party.

“Sani should not close his ears totally to the song of the opposition party in the state, particularly the chorus that the people on the street love to sing with tears on their faces.

“Through the eye of an eagle, the nation, the presidency and the southern part of the country will watch his style of administration closely and rewards him afterwards when power will be on its way back to the North. But, his counterpart, the Northern Governors are also aware and will compete with him in terms of quality of Leadership and Performance Index.

“Other northern political forces will rival and compete as well, in a very potent script political strategy maybe through manipulation of the Governor’s aids in form of wrong political advice with a desire to create chaos in Kaduna State, so that their states will emerge more righteous, more inclusive, more sensitive to tribes and religions so that at the end of the day when power takes a Northern route it will not be in his favour”.

The Legal Luminary concluded by saying that, the contributions of JNI and CAN, should not be taken for granted, likewise, those of Traditional rulers and Party elders of the Three (3) Senatorial Zones, while wish the Governor a Happy Democracy”.

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