Friday 16 June 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

Three (3) witnesses in the ongoing trial of the petition filed by Rt. Hon. Ibrahim Baba Hassan, challenging the victory of, Hon. Agah Avia, in the just concluded election for Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State, have told the National and State Houses of Assembly Tribunal sitting in Jos that, the former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Mohammed Adamu Alkali, forged the primary school certificate he submitted to INEC.

The three witnesses, Mr. Azi Ajiji, Gambo Adamu and Lawan Ibin Sulieman, who were on subpoena had also stated same in their statements under Oath before the Tribunal.

While Azi Ajiji is the Executive Secretary of Jos North Local Government Education Authority, Gambo Adamu was the Headmaster of Angwan Rogo Primary School, the primary school whose certificate is in question in 1990 and Lawan Ibin Sulieman is the school’s current Headmaster.

In their collective testimonies before the Tribunal, the three witnesses submitted that, the certificate of the school submitted to INEC by, Hon. Mohammed Adamu Alkali now Exhibit P8 before the Tribunal, was forged owing to several discrepancies.

In his testimony under Examination-in-Chief and Cross-Examination by 6 of the Respondent’s Counsels, Mr. Azi Ajiji the ES, told the Tribunal in part that:

“I am the Executive Secretary (ES) of Jos North Local Government Education Authority. I came here by a subpoena invitation. I have a copy here. I had deposed to a statement on Oath dated 15th June, 2023 before the Tribunal and I can recognize it by my signature.

“I am a Christian and I know the consequences and implication of telling lies.

“I saw on the face of the Certificate that, those who graduated from Angwan Rogo Primary School in 1990 are 75, but in our record, the pupils are 249.

“The 2nd Respondent, Hon. Agah Avia has nothing to do with this disclosure, but INEC.

“It is true that, the school is a public school.  You are correct to say that, it is under the authority of the Education Authority of Jos North.

“I said I was shown a certificate to certify its genuineness. The certificate from Angwan Rogo Primary school was what I was asked to check its genuineness. I personally did the verification.

“In the certificate, it is stated that, 75 pupils graduated in 1990. But, I had to compare it with our record in the office and they were at variance.

“Contrary to the name on the certificate, there is no name of Mohammed Adamu in the record. Also contrary is that 249 pupils graduated and not 75.

“The purported certificate does not also indicate that it was issued by Jos North LG Education Authority.

“Based on the contents of the Certificate and my findings, it is a forged Document as it is not from us. This certificate is attached to Exhibit P8 before the Tribunal.

“The name on the certificate is Mohammed Alkali, who contested the recent House of Representatives seat of Jos-North/Bassa.

“All I have said on Oath is the truth that I know personally.

“I can confirm that I am a staff of Jos North Local Government only.

“I am an expert in verifying documents, but not every document or paper.

“In the list of grandaunts, No: 93 is Mohammed Adamu, with position 36. There are two Mohammed Adamu on the list.

“As the Educational Secretary of Jos North Local Government Authority, I am part of Plateau state civil servant.

‘On the certificate purportedly issued by the Authority the position of Mohammed Adamu is 12. But on the record, Mhammed Adamu took position 36, while the other Adamu took position 68. Secondly from the list of 1990, Mohammed Alkali is not there”.

On his part, Gambo Adamu, the former Headmaster, distanced himself from the certificate claiming that, the signature on it is not his as he personally signed all the certificates issued to pupils of the school, who graduated in 1990.

In part, Gambo Adamu told the Tribunal under Examination-in-chief and Cross-examination that:

“I am a staff of Plateau State Primary School Education Board, Jos-North. I was the Headmaster of Angwan Rogo primary School as at 2006.

“I made a statement on Oath, dated 15th June, 2023 and I want the Tribunal to use it as my evidence in this petition.

“The signature on the certificate submitted to INEC is not mine. The certificate submitted to INEC is not obtained from Angwan Rogo Primary school because it was not signed by me as I did signed the others in 1990.

‘Apart from being the Headmaster, I am a Coordinator of the Supervisors of the Supervisors of Primary schools now”.

Putting more flesh to the testimonies of Azi and Gambo, Lawan Ibin Sulieman told the Tribunal that:

“I am the Headmaster of Angwan Rogo Primary School now! I am here on subpoena. I am asked to bring the record of pupils, who graduated from the school for 1990.

“The Police had invited me severally and I have shown the Police documents with respect to this forgery issue.

“After investigations, it was discovered that, in 1990, no name like Mohammed Adamu Alkali graduated and that contrary to the certificate, 249 pupils graduated and not 75.

“I know Gambo Adamu, he is my senior and we are working together.

“You are correct to say that, Gambo was the Headmaster in 1990”.

Earlier before commencing the trial, the Plateau State Commissioner of Police, through Inspector Muleng Alex (Mrs) had produced a report concerning the investigation of the issue, as requested in the subpoena served on him, dated 13th June, 2023.

This document was tendered by I. H. Magaji (SAN), Counsel to the petitioners from the Bar alongside other documents relating to the election.


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