Wednesday 15 November 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

As the political terrain in Plateau State continues to stimulate and stir up new issues despite the election cases still pending at the Court of Appeal Abuja Division, many Citizens of the state have taken to their social media handles to ask, “If Prof. Nentawe Yilwatda would automatically become a Non-indigene in Plateau State immediately he is declared the Governor of the State by the Court?”

They have also asked if, “Nentawe would become a Muslim convert automatically his Appeal before the Court of Appeal, Abuja Division is allowed in order to make the prophecy of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state come to pass?”

You would recall that the issue of Religion/Ethnicity has been used in a plethora of cases to pull down lots of Plateau Great Men/women in the past.

The fact is that, and in accordance to one Mr. Pam Dung on his Facebook handle, “Prof. Nentawe, a man in his own standing, coupled with the feat he has achieved in other parts of his calling to serve the nation, the need for the indigenes of the state to hold him in high esteem is not an over statement”.

Adding that, “You would recall that Religion was used to burn out the Ambition of John Kadia of late memory. Religion and Ethnicity was also used against Sir, Fidelis Tapgun.

“More also, Religion and Ethnicity was also introduced into Plateau State politics in 2003 and 2007, to pull down the Late Sen. Nasiru Mantu, the then great leader of the Nigerian Senate Movement during his attempt to return to the National Assembly to hit the highest seat. This was thwarted horribly and to date, nobody has been able to wear his shoes.

In his Contribution to this line of thinking, Miss N. Jennifer, a student and an indigene of the state, added that, “It is highly sad that even in this 2023, the same tactics is being employed to pull down Rt. Hon. Yusuf Gagdi, Hon. Justice Dongban- Menzem, the current President of the Nigerian Court of Appeal, despite their physically testified achievements at the “National Stage”.

“It makes one sick to know that the peddlers of these tactics always use the ignorance of their followers/supporters and unsuspecting members of the state to project and promote these selfish moves, which are basically not of Plateau Interest in anyway”.


Hon. Emmanuel Macham, while adding his voice to the cry, stated sadly that, “How would you hear from a protester over the Judgments of the Court of Appeal that were delivered in its Abuja Division and published not in favour of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), telling Journalists in an interview that, he is protesting because the Court of Appeal wants to Islamize the State and also adding that, “He is protesting because there is an on-going war in Plateau State between Christians and Muslims, hence he is embarking in the protest”.

As a way forward Mr. Monday Oguchi stated in his handle that, “It must be stated here that, the two standing contestants for the seat of the Plateau State Governor are both from the Central Zone of the State.

“Governor Caleb Mutfwang (Esq) is from Mangu Local Government and a Mwaghavul by tribe, while his contender, Prof. Nentawe Yilwatda is an Ngas from Kanke Local Government. He like Mutfwang is also a Christian.

“Therefore this ugly use of Religion/Ethnicity by Leaders of the PDP must stop. Is it not also sad to know that members and supporters of the PDP, praise the judiciary to high Heavens for an earlier injunction obtained against Jaiz Bank in the Jos Main Market reconstruction saga and the Tribunal’s Judgments which upheld their elections in the first instance and yet nobody from the All Progressives Congress (APC) not even their supporters commented or threw tantrums!

“So, at the moments of PDP’s victories in Court, the Law was not an Ass as per their own definition of an Ass, right?

“Today, with Justice properly served and their Independent Candidates being sacked for reasons of lack of Party Structure and Noncompliance with Courts’ Judgments and Orders, the Law has suddenly become an Ass.

“It must be also stated that Neither Caleb nor Nentawe is more Plateau than the other”!


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