Saturday 4 November 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The Strategic Monitoring Team of the Plateau State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has called on Plateau State Citizens to shy away from the current drums of war which the Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is generating by way of threats, intimidation and blackmail.

The Team in a World Press Conference held at the Tinubu Presidential Campaign Council Office, while reaction to current political developments in the state today also said, the PDP’s drums of political war is a misdirection of aggression from itself in order to make the Judiciary a victim.

Mr. Golepji Wambutda, the Coordinator of the Team, who read the Press Text said, “The PDP’s drums of war is a misdirection of aggression from itself, and a threat to peace. The Judiciary is now made the victim and we must rise to defend it and our democracy. The Court of Appeal is not the enemy, but among the true Gatekeepers of Democracy from its very root”.

Adding that, “The law of the land must have its way regardless of whose ox is gored. Emotions, Threats, Intimidation or blackmails cannot subvert the Democracy that is the core Nigerian Politics.

“This surreptitious style the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has adopted must be made to fall flat on its face and we are determined to achieve the same decorously”.

Speaking also, Engr. Buhari Auwal, the Secretary of the APC Strategic Monitoring Team said that, they want to use the Press Conference to also enlighten the people of the state in order to make them understand the political and legal trend and shy away from the PDP.


He said, “We want to use this medium to enlighten Plateau State Citizens to shy away from the ugly trend as it is it not in our nature. The PDP is in sheer and dangerous denial thereby poised to set the people against themselves since it wields the instrument of power, resources, and propaganda to achieve its subversive motives at this time, but not later”.



“Narrative of the PDP who in the face of imminent defeat has taken up arms against the court of appeal. The people are enraged by the fact that they were truly deceived by the PDP who will stop at nothing now to deny. How can there be threats to peace among us brothers as we are? This narrative is false.

We state clearly that there is no threat to peace. The people have returned to their daily lives of striving to survive. Businesses are operating normally without anxiety. Any threat to peace will require the Security agencies to call the PDP to book to forestall what she seeks to cause.

It is not news that the tradition of impunity, and high-handedness, within the PDP seems to have infected it with an incurable penchant for robbing democracy from its cradle after which it massages its followers with apologies and compensation with the booties of war when it wins the election.

Now that the battle has left the house and walked into the brave hands of the Judiciary which has dished out very grave injury to impunity, Rather than the spurious claims of bias and compromise, the Courts have become the hope of a common man even if futuristically. She has taken center stage in introducing discipline and compliance in the conduct of political party affairs which is good for all citizens who aspire to contribute to National growth via participation in partisan politics. When we succeed with internal democracy, we are bound to have the true interest of the people presented to elective office and then consequently at the helm of our affairs at all tiers of Government.

The people must take advantage of the decisions no matter how painful to appreciate the protection the law affords an individual within the party. We dare to say that the precedent brings to a halt the era of high-handedness and manipulation of the people by the so-called key stakeholders and Godfathers in all political parties who aspire to be on the ballot.

“Contrary to the notions peddled against the APC, we wish to state clearly and categorically that we have never and will not yield to the existence of P.D.P. on the Plateau let alone entertain considerations as to actions carried out by a personality we insist does not exist. Let it be made clear that if there is any such meddling, it is for the courts to query us for referring to her judgment which very craftily the P.D.P. has not denied it failed to comply with. We now ask the PDP these questions thus:

  1. The purported state congress report presented before the courts and tribunal affirms evidently that 12 LGA EXCOS did not participate in the process why?
  2. Were there repeated ward and LGA congress to validate the purported state congress as stated in the articles of the P.D.P. constitution enumerated in the judgment we are allegedly meddling with?

In the judgment that led to the victory of the PRP at the court of appeal which was quoted in the case of Chris Giwa, APC vs INEC the court had this to say:

It is important to point out at this stage that the appellants have a misconception of this issue. The issue is not whether the 2nd Appellant was screened and cleared to contest the election to have satisfied all the requirements of the law. The issue in controversy concerning the non-qualification of the 2nd Appellant to contest the bye-election of 26th February 2022 relates to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction, the High Court of Plateau State directing the 1st Appellant to conduct election for the PDP Executive Committee members for Plateau State. Exhibit “P9C” is the Judgement of the High Court of Plateau State in Suit No. PLD/J304/2020 delivered on the 26th day of November 2022”.

The PDP fails to appreciate the consequence of the Order of Court she failed to comply with. The same court further went on to educate her about the nature of the Court order thus:

A judgment in rem may be defined as the judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction determining the status of a person or as distinct from the particular interest of a party to the litigation. Apart from the application of the term to persons, it must affect the res in the way of condemnation, forfeiture, declaration, status, or title. (a) Examples are the judgment of a court over a will creating the status administration. (b) judgment in a divorce by court of competent jurisdiction dissolving a marriage declaring the nullity or affirming its existence. (c) Judgment in an election petition.

The feature of a judgment in rem is that it binds all persons whether a party to the proceedings or not. It stops anyone from raising the issue of the status of persons or (sic) persons or things, or the rights or title to properly litigated (sic) before a competent court. It is indeed conclusive against the entire world in whatever it settles as to status of the person or property. All persons whether party to the proceedings or not are stopped from averring that the status of persons is other than the court has by such judgment declared or made it to be………


It needs also be stated that the 3rd Respondent’s Appeal SC/CV1341/2022 to the apex Court, on the said decision of this court in Appeal CA/J/196/2021 of May 6th, 2022, was dismissed on December 7th, 2022 in Exhibits P4 and P5 for want of prosecution.

“What remains clear is that there was no compliance with the Plateau State High Court’s orders before the Election of February 25th, 2023. In other words, the 2nd and 3rd Respondents have not complied with the extant order of the courts.

It is therefore pertinent that we in the APC do not sit down and watch in silence while they heat the system and cause fear among the citizenry who have since returned to the hitherto ordinary lives of struggling while the economic hardship bites. It is important to state the facts of the same.

During the electioneering campaigns, we reminded the people that the P.D.P. had not healed from the blows it got from the courts when it was exempted from participating in Local Government Elections. We reminded the people that despite P.D.P.’s participation in the House of Reps. Election where it won. The court of appeal did not bat an eyelid when it upheld the P.R.P. candidate’s contention that it had no structure. This was against the backdrop of the failure to comply with the order of the court mandating it to conduct fresh congresses of the party and our constitution the Grundnum.

See what the courts said in layman’s English;

And this Court further held therein on page 24 that, “An issue of qualification of a candidate to contest an election under the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended) is both a pre-election and election matter.”

“………The 2nd Petitioner, failed, neglected, or refused to abide by the orders of the High Court in Suit No. PLD/J304/196/2021……

As long as it is in breach of the orders of the High Court, no matter under what guise, it loses its stand to participate in elections the court held.

Suddenly, they have turned around ignoring the judgment to claim that such issues are pre-election matters. They have foisted on us the name of meddlesome interlopers as if we are challenging the nomination of their candidates at the primaries. This is not the case. We simply seek the court to take into cognizance of her decision.

The time has come for all Plateau people to show their true nature. We are people of peace, reasonable, and God fearing. We refuse to be subjected to the negativity occasioned by the arrogant confrontation of the Courts by any political Party. The PDP had her day with INEC and we obeyed, if God will for us to have it at the Courts, the true dispensers of Justice, we will embrace it with Faith Courage, and Prayer. It is our genuine hope that Plateau people will reason with these realities and embrace whatever outcomes.

Furthermore, we wish to draw the attention of the Plateau State citizens that since the removal of the oil subsidy on May 29, 2023, the Federal Government has given the state Government and the FCT 5 billion naira as palliative to cushion the effect of transportation within States. Lately, we saw the deployment of mass transit buses in Ogun State running on CNG which is a cheaper alternative to petrol and diesel to alleviate the sufferings inflicted on Nigerians as a result of the removal of fuel subsidies. When shall that Plateau be deployed? Are the old locomotives expected to run from Bukuru to Jos enough to justify the intervention to cushion the hardship on transportation across the 17 local Government areas?

We are yet to be convinced by the P.D.P Government on the disbursement of the 500 million naira donated by Her Excellency the 1st Lady of Nigeria Senator Remi Tinubu to IDPs and we are seeking clarity on that issue.

We wish to call on the leader of the P.D.P. Government to allow the Local Government Chairmen to subsist in the interest of Justice and fairness for the deepening of democracy at the grassroots.

Permit us to use this medium to once again congratulate our indefatigable and Distinguished Leader and President His Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinibu GCFR. Over his well-deserved victory at the Supreme Court. May God in his infinite mercy Grant you the Grace and wisdom to drive and deliver the dividends of democracy to Nigerians via the Renewed Hope Agenda.

In conclusion, we wish to reiterate to all peace-loving citizens of Plateau state at home and in the diaspora that there is no tension! that the deep-seated ethno-religious hate in the state is only retrogressive and counterproductive, and as responsible Christians and Muslims who wish to see the elevation of Peace, harmony and shared prosperity across board, we will not devour ourselves even if bad politics persuades us to”.

Thank you for Listening.

God bless Plateau State

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

God bless the All-Progressives Congress Party

God Bless the Leader of the Generation Next Movement.


Golepji Wambutda                                  Engr. Buhari Auwal

Coordinator APC-SMT                              Secretary APC-SMT



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