Thursday 2 November 2023


By: Valentine Adese (JP), urges

The governorship candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 governorship election in Plateau State, Dr. Patrick Dakum has called on party faithful and supporters to join hands to see that the candidates of the party, Gyang Zi (Esq) and Mr. Asama, come out victorious in the ordered rerun elections for the Plateau North Senatorial District and the Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State respectively.

Dr. Dakum who spoke to Journalists and Media Executives in Jos today, through his Media Consultant, Mr. Shabul Mazadu said that the party is fully prepared for the ordered rerun election. Adding that, the developments within the party recently are mere political distractions.

According to Mr. Shabul, Dr. Patrick Dakum being the leader of the State Chapter recognizes only Grace Zamfara, as the legally recognized State Chairman of the Party. He also urged members and the general public to verify the information from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


The Media Consultant, however, used the interface to inform journalists that, Dr. Dakum, still remains one of the greatest lovers of Plateau State and its citizens, as he emphasized the number of job opportunities he has created for Plateau people, especially, for the youths.

“His message to the party faithful is that they should all rise and ensure that Gyang Zi and Asama win in the rerun election for Plateau North Senatorial District and Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State”. Mr. Shabul said.

SHABUL IN PART SAID: “I am Shabul Mazadu, the Media Consultant to Dr. Patrick Dakum, the Labour Party’s gubernatorial candidate in the 2023 Governorship election in Plateau State.


“The Court of Appeal has ordered the rerun for the Plateau North Senatorial District seat. The judgment and the decisions therein came to him with great joy as this will guarantee the victory of the Labour Party’s candidates, Gyang Zi (Esq) and Mr. Asama.

“We know how we performed as a party on the 25th of February, 2023. This you can see from the statistics of the governorship election in the state. But, with a rerun, I am sure we shall do better. With the nullification of the election February election by the Court of Appeal, we are very sure of victory this time around.

“Dr. Dakum has already congratulated the candidates for the senatorial seat, Gyang Zi and that for the Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau state, Hon. Asama.

“Dr. Dakum has already told the general public that the party is really ready and waiting.

“On the issue(s) been speculated to be rocking the state party chapter, I want you all to know that there is only one Chairman of the state chapter and that person is Grace Zamfara. This fact is known and recognized by all from the National to the state levels.

In fact, on October 7, the National Chairman Julius sent a representative, Hon. A. Joseph, who came and inaugurated the 17 Local Government Chairmen of the Labour Party in the state and he also took time to inaugurate the elders committee of the chapter.

Hon. Joseph had reiterated on the occasions that Grace Zamfara is the State Chairman and further told the audience that Zamfara’s name is the only name the National Office sent to INEC. He also encouraged the party faithful to go and verify from INEC.

“Until there is an election in the party that new State Executives can emerge. But till then, Grace remains the Chairman of the state chapter.

“So, as far as, Dr. Dakum is concerned, and being the Labour party leader in the state, there is no other party leadership apart from the one being led by Zamfara.

“To the best of my knowledge and HE DR. Dakum, there is no crisis in the chapter, what is going on is the usual politicking to get one thing or the other. This also happens in our families or groups.

“What we are faced with from the order of the Court of Appeal is a rerun and so, there is no way or opportunity to replace any candidate. So, those, who are been convinced to create a faction, should be advised, to accept the reality that the rerun does not allow for replacement. They should rather come and be committed to helping the party achieve victory in the coming rerun election.

“The party is fully ready and waiting, as we further expand our contacts to all political parties operating in the state to join us to win at the polls.

“The sudden development of faction at the state level at this time can only be attributed to one thing, which is politics. Politicians always employ several strategies to pull down a winning party like the Labour Party. So, they are making efforts to infiltrate the body. It is normal and we are not losing our sleep for that. We are rather focused on the coming rerun and our victory at the polls.

“You would recall that we had the same experience before the general election. We were dragged to Courts and we won at all levels of the Courts in Nigeria.

“I will still emphasize that this development is a mere distraction when it comes to politics.

“We are very sure that as a party, so many people are not comfortable with the capacity of Gyang Zi and Asama as the candidates of the Labour Party in the state. It is possible that they are using this development to stop our victory.

“Like I earlier said, they also applied the same tactics on Dr. Dakum. So, this is not an issue that the party would not overcome.

“If there is any lover of Plateau State is Dr. Patrick Dakum. He is a man who has created job opportunities for a huge number of youths in the state and has followed up to create better Healthcare Management facilities for the people at any given opportunity.

“As I speak, Dr. Dakum has close to One Thousand people working under him and out of this number, 250 are Plateau State citizens. To us, he is the greatest in the state in loving the state and its people.

“His message to the party faithful is that they should all rise and ensure that Gyang Zi and Asama win in the rerun election for Plateau North Senatorial District and Jos-North/Bassa Federal Constituency of Plateau State”.


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