Sunday 26 November 2023


After the election of 25th February to 18th March 2023 in Plateau State, the election process has continued at the Judiciary for every political office contested in the state, being the second election stage as specified by the Laws.

Before the National/State House of Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal and the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal set up by the President of the Court of Appeal, to look into the Petitions that were filed by parties challenging the outcome of the various elections in the state, most of the petitions were those filed by the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

The APC had challenged all the seats won by the PDP in the Plateau State House of Assembly and the Governorship seat conducted and declared on the 18th of March, 2023, on the grounds that the PDP chapter in the state has “No Party Structure” to sponsor any candidate for any election in the state.

While this ground was dismissed in Panel Two of the National/State House of Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal chaired by Hon. Justice Williams, Panel One led by Hon. Justice Tukur, upheld it, and then all Appellants headed to the Court of Appeal Abuja Division.

Records have it from the Court of Appeal that, 16 of the Members of the PDP in the Plateau State House of Assembly have been sacked by the Court, and in their place, the Court has ordered INEC to withdraw the Certificate of Return earlier issued to the PDP candidates and issue fresh ones to the person/political party with the second highest votes in each case, which turned out to the APC candidates.

However, while this was going on at the Judiciary, the political game was also been played at the State House of Assembly.

Firstly, the Speaker and his Deputy resigned from office while awaiting their Judgment at the Court of Appeal,  in their Place the only YPP Member in the House of 24 Members was elected as the Speaker, followed by the transfer of the Chief Clerk and his Deputy, who were replaced by two others.

The drama to set for a conflict from these developments is already clearly set from all indications, as the new Speaker has adjourned the next sitting session of the House, to the next two months, knowing fully well that, as at Saturday, the 25th of November 2023, the Judgment concerning most petitions on Appeal before the Court of Appeal would be concluded.

The fact is, these 20 Members of the Plateau State House of Assembly on the platform of the APC need to be sworn in before they can sit or participate in the House’s activities, and the person empowered to do this exercise is the Clerk during a session.

The problem that calls for diplomacy is how they would be sworn in without conflict or an impasse generating.

Before tomorrow comes and while holding onto this perceived apprehension that may arise, the elders of the state need to meet and take a position as soon as possible to nip the fear.

IPAC chapter in the state should also make efforts to call for an emergency meeting to look into the creeping disagreements that may arise with these new developments.

It is also highly recommended that the Security Operatives in the state should begin to send warnings on this, in order to prevent any possible future conflict among the former and present Members of the State Assembly before tomorrow comes.



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