Sunday 28 November 2021


By: Valentine Adese (JP) AND Eunice Maina

Terrorist, who had made threats to attack Plateau State especially, the Prison (Correctional Center) allegedly housing some of its members made good their threat today, as the facility came under attack today, Sunday, 28th November. 2021.

The attack, which started at about 5.00 pm lasted for over one hour and has collapsed all commercial activities and social engagements in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Most hit by the tension which arose during the attack were suburbs close to the Police Headquarters and the Prison yards facilities such as, Jenta Makeri, Jenta Adamu and residence around the popular Gada biu.

Commuters around these areas, have also remain stranded till this time of reporting, as transporters have stopped their services in order to main safe.

Although our sources have told REALITY that many people have been killed, this is yet to be fully investigated by this paper.

You would recall that, the Nigerian Police had between July and August, this year acknowledged receipt of a letter from a terrorist group, which had promised to attack most security formations in Plateau state, especially, the Prison (Correctional Center), with the aim of free its members held in the facility.

However, from information available from our sources, the invasion seems to be failing, as at the time of this report.


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