Thursday 25 November 2021


By: Valentine Adese (JP), and Paul Naomi,

As the prosecution of the former governor of Plateau State, Sen. Jonah David Jang continues at the Plateau State High Court, Mr. Emmanuel, a Senior Assistant Manager with Zenith Bank Plc, has told the Court presided over by Hon. Justice C. Dabup that, monies were withdrawn and loaded into bullion vans and conveyed to Plateau State Government House, while also adding that, after Sen. Jang seized to be the governor of the state on the 29th of May, 2015, over N28.5million was withdrawn from the account by the Governor Lalong’s administration.

He said, the new Cashier, one Mr. Eric Kangnaan, in the office of the Secretary to the State Government, after Governor Simon Bako Lalong assumed office withdrew the monies and transferred N2million to the Office of the Secretary of the State Government (OSSG) Account.

Mr. Emmanuel, under Cross-examination by, Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN), Counsel to the 1st Defendant, with Edward Pwajok (SAN), leading other 7 Lawyers for the 1st Defendant (Sen. Jang), and S. Odey (Esq) leading, S. Oyawole (Esq) and other Lawyers for the 2nd Defendant (Mr. Pam) said, “I am still with Zenith Bank, as at today I am a Senior Assistant Manager.

“When I testified on 5th December, 2018 before Hon. Justice Longji (Rtd), in this same Court after taking oath, I promised to say the truth and nothing, but the truth.

“I am aware of the consequences of lying and as a Christian I can be condemned to the pit of fire.

“Before this proceedings started, I had made some statements to the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), on the 16th and 17th of January and 30th March, 2017. The statements contain my name and signature and I can identify them.

“In exhibit D1A before the Court, I had made it clear that it was the Accountant General of Plateau State that gave me the letter of approval to open Account for the Office of the Secretary of the State Government (OSSG). That means it was not the 1st Defendant (Sen/ Jonah David Jang).

“In the three exhibits in my hand, I made it also clear that, the Account was specifically established for the payment of salaries and allowances of Political Office Holders.

“We had two approved Government Accounts, for Security/Salaries and the OSSG was for salaries and other emoluments. The 1st defendant was not named in the Account.

“The other Account was for security related matters because of the many security challenges in the state.

“In my evidence before the Court, on the 5th of December, 2018, is to the extent that the Account has been closed because of the implementation of the current TSA policy in the state. Today, I maintain same.

“The account had several signatories, but at the opening, it was Barr I. D. Gyang (as Per Sec) and Ngo Sarah Bot (as Direct of Finance) that were signatories. None of the two signatories was the 1st Defendant, Jonah Jang.

“The OSSG account was also used for the purchase of Government vehicles and for the renovation of Government dilapidated structures and these Government vehicles and renovated structures were not the personal properties of the 1st Defendant.

“I also stated in my statement that, money was also paid to Joevima Nig. Ltd. (Contractors), Peace Solage Servicing Company from the security account and the 1st Defendant is none of those names.

“From my Knowledge, no transfer of money was made to the 1st Defendant, no Cheque was issued or made in his name directly and no withdrawal was made by him from these accounts.

“I stated that, the huge monies were withdrawn by Mr. Yusuf Pam, but I have never assisted him to carry the money to a bullion van to government house and I have no cause to believe that, some illicit act was going on with these accounts.

“I never witnessed that, the family of the 1st Defendant came to withdraw or deal with the monies in those accounts nor, have I received instructions to pay anybody by the 1st Defendant concerning these accounts.

“As the Account’s officer, I never had a personal interaction with the 1st Defendant.

“I was aware of the sum of N2billion paid by the CBN to Project1 Account and I don’t know, if the 1st Defendant is a signatory to the Account.

“The withdrawals I read out from the statement of account were made via cheques presented to the Bank and none was a personal cheque and Mr. Yusuf Pam, was presented to us, as the Cashier to the office of the SSG. So, the Bank had dealings with the Cashier officially.

“I know for a fact that, on the 29th of May, 2015, the 1st Defendant seized to be the governor of the state, but from 1st July to 4th August 2015, there were 30 transactions on the account and as at this time, Governor Lalong has assumed as Governor and he is to date.

“These transactions followed the same pattern after 29th May, 2015 and I don’t know, if these monies were taken to the government house.

“I can see from the statement that, one Mr. Eric Kangnaan, withdrew, N5million, N10million and another N10million on the 12th August, 2015. On 7th October, 2015, Mr. Eric also withdrew N3.5million and transferred N2million to the OSSG, Over Head Account.

“Mr. Eric was introduced as the new Cashier and these withdrawals by Mr. Eric followed the same processes used by the 2nd Defendant, Mr. Pam. They came via cheques.

“You are therefore correct to say that, all the cheques used were Plateau State Government’s cheques.

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