Friday 5 November 2021


By: Reuben Egbah and Paul Naomi,

The crisis in the Plateau State House of Assembly is driving deeper than expected, as the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), None State Actors among others, are becoming interested in either offering a way out of the impasse or adding more salt to the injury.

It is gathered that, the Governor of Niger State has been delegated to intervene into the matter in order to rescue one of the Northern states from political negativity.

While the big wigs in the state from their various political platforms are looking at the solution from expected outcomes and projections ahead of 2023 governorship elections, the masses have turned to become the grass.

Reliable sources in the State House of Assembly, have hinted REALITY that, the highhandedness of Rt. Hon. Nuhu Ayuba Abok, may have caused the gang up against his administration, as the Speaker of the House, while others hold the opinion that, the face-off between the former state Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state may be central to the crisis currently being experienced in the House.

Sources have also argued that some other allegations that may have led to the purported impeachment of Rt. Hon. Abok, may be more related to alleged financial improprieties.

These sources, who do not want their names mentioned on print have disclosed as follows:-

  1. That, the allegations and accusations against the purported former Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon Nuhu Ayuba Abok was necessitated by his alleged gross misconduct.
  2.  That, since Governor Lalong signed the Bill granting the House Autonomy, there has not been any financial statement(s) either to the House or principal officers to account for the House’s financial activities.
  3.  That, the Speaker runs the House in Dictatorship Style and always refuses to take advice from other members allegedly.
  4. That, Rt. Hon. Abok, as leader of the House, always misrepresents the members allegedly in any state function especially, on security issues that, involves stakeholders and that in most cases,he hardly attends critical ones.
  5. The sources alleged that, whenever members persuade him to attend, his usual response is, “I will not go!”
  6.  That, the House was sealed for three months in the past and there was no sittings, no deliberations and during this period under review, there were three attempts to sit and deliberate on the state budget, which is a constitutional matter, but the purportedly removed Speaker, refused to call for a sitting despite all efforts.
  7. That, the welfare of the Staff members of the Assembly is also an issue before aggrieved members which has severally been drawn to the attention of members. Yet these have not been looked into.
  8. Under this period under review, the source disclosed that the workers in the House have been having issues with the allowances, salaries among others.
  9. The workers have also suffered from selective deprivations during the Covid-19 management era as some were deliberately sent home with reason(s).



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