Thursday 11 November 2021


By: Valentine Adese and Paul Naomi,

All Progressives Congress (APC) Forum of former members of the Plateau State House of Assembly has urged, Sen. Jonah Jang, Sen. Bukolar Saraki, Sen. I. D. Gyang, and Lagos State House of Assembly, to stay clear of the happenings in the Plateau State House of Assembly and stop inciting the people of Plateau State and Nigerians at large against the members by presenting misleading information.

The Forum in a Press Briefing in Jos, the capital of Plateau State today said, “Now that our enemies within and outside the state are rearing their heads one by one, we urge them to stay clear and stop inciting and presenting misleading information that is denting the image of the state and integrity of the state Legislature”.

Specifically, the Forum drew the attention of Sen. Jang, Sen. Saraki and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to always check their facts before going public.

Chairman Andong

The forum in it press conference statement signed by its Chairman and Secretary, Hon. Banahel Andong, and Hon. Abu V. Nimmyel, respectively stated that, “As a forum, we want to draw the attention of our Distinguished Senator Jonah Jang, Bukolar Saraki and I. D. Gyang, Lagos State House of Assembly, in the spirit  of Parliamentarians, to always cross check these facts correctly before delving into conclusion.

“If we may ask, why are the PDP in the state crying more than the bereaved? Perhaps they have a hidden agenda, otherwise, their actions and comments are inimical to the peace and unity of our dear state.

“Sen. Jonah Jang should note that, he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. A word is enough for the wise”.

Adding that, “In as much as, everybody is entitled to his opinion, we encourage the people of Plateau to always verify and investigate their sources of information before drawing conclusion”.

members of the Forum around the chairman

As a position, the  Forum Chairman, flanked by other members stated that, “As stakeholders in the “Plateau Project”, and more so, the House of Assembly, our Constituency, we have been watching the unfolding events in the past days as a result of change of leadership in the House, we feel we need to add our voice and make our position clear.

“We want to appreciate members of the Pen Profession for the noble task of keeping the public informed of happenings in our dear state.

“We unequivocally, want to reiterate our openness and support for the new leadership in the House under Rt. Hon. Yakubu Yakson Sanda, as the Speaker.

“The Forum views the election of Rt. Hon. Yakubu Yakson Sanda, as a product of divine ordination, which manifestation is unveiled to men in a fashion designed by the Most High.

“As parliamentarians, who are familiar with the House rules and constitutional provision in the administration of the Legislature, we want to state that:-

  1. The impeachment of Rt. Hon. Ayuba Abok meets the constitutional requirement of Section 92(c) CFRN 1999 (as amended). This is because, 16 out of the 24 members, signed for his impeachment, on the 28th of October, 2021, which is 2/3 majority.
  2. It is unfounded and misleading that only 8 members of the House signed for the impeachment of the former Speaker. It is in line with the House rules that, 8 members can form a quorum for plenary and every decision taken is binding. However, on the said day of the impeachment being, 28th October, 2021, more than 8 members were present at plenary, which is more than the required number to form a quorum.
  3. Any one, who is not satisfied with the House decision, may wish to challenge it in court, rather than inciting people to disrupt the hard earned peace in the state.

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