Wednesday 20 March 2024



By: Samueltomzy,

When Plateau decides to rise against a person, it is always decisive. The energy and passion can be akin to the rage of a motivated Dog within its domain.

I remember the energy and passion that was on display, when the people of the Central Senatorial Zone of Plateau State, took a firm stand against Senator Nasiru Mantu, who was at that time a sitting Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate. The people made their choice, and it prevailed despite all odds. Even in 2015, when the people revolted against Baba Jang for trying to impose on them the late Senator GNS Pwajok. And again against the same Senator now Simon Lalong, whom they fought so hard to see his emergence as the Governor of Plateau State.

The ability of Plateau people to unite against the candidate they do not approve of must be celebrated.


Recently, the general elections of February and March 2023 gave another reflection of that. As the PDP emerged victorious in almost all the posts they contested for. It must be noted that the victory of the PDP wasn't a reflection of the popularity of all their candidates, it was just a unanimous show of discontent. Although the seats were eventually lost due to some constitutional interventions, the lesson learned is that the people made a strong statement.

Looking at the recent political history of the Plateau, it is easy to point out that the people of the state are more reactive than proactive, as seen on many fronts both at the local and state level. And this has cost the state dearly, in more ways than one. Plateau State politics can simply be seen as not rational but emotional.

From 1999 down to 2019, it is very easy to point out Hon. Beni Lar as the best-performing representative from Plateau State both in the Red and the Green chambers combined.

In 2019, Plateau politics took a different turn when the vibrant and daring Yusuf Gagdi won his election into the green chamber, to represent the Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam Federal Constituency, of Plateau State, popularly known as PKK. Ever since his emergence, the people of the said Constituency can dare say they have finally struck gold by electing a true representative in the Green chamber, as he has tirelessly worked for the best interest of his people earning him a feat that has never been achieved by any politician in the region; thus, enabling him to win a second term in office.

The positive achievements of Yusuf Gagdi are not just remarkable, but tremendous. In the recently concluded Court case that involved the sitting Governor of the state, Barrister Caleb M. Mutfwang and Dr. Nentawe, it showed beyond the obvious, that Gagdi is a man with a strong bias for his Constituency. He stood firmly behind a member of his constituency against all odds, (although it can be argued that they are from the same party) and that is recommendable. As such, the intelligent set of youths on the Plateau should begin to ask the intelligent question of what are the other representatives doing for their Constituency, both in the Red and Green chambers. Rather than continue the pathetic trend of emotional politics they should change for a more rational politics. 

The brilliant minds in Plateau must rise to change the ugly narrative of sentimental politics, which has kept the state from progressing politically, especially, where the brilliant minds have been silenced with the deceitful post of Special Assistants to the people obsessed with drowning the state.

These people are very happy to give out cars at the most, while encouraging the outstanding youths to drink away their future, so long as they remain in power. The Plateau youth must wake up and be counted. Yusuf Gagdi has set a benchmark, owing to some of his good traits as a representative of his people, and we must demand at least the same from our other representatives or even more.

It must be stressed out that Gagdi is a human with many flaws just like all of us, especially, when you look at his public outburst. But he has been able to at least give his people a sense of pride. He has dared to walk on the path that many can only imagine. I dare suggest that all the legislators on the Plateau, both at the state and federal levels be motivated by Rt. Hon. Yusuf Gagdi and make the growth of the people in their constituency a priority.

As earlier mentioned, the youths of Plateau must stop the funny politics of begging arms from political officeholders, and force every political officeholder to be accountable to their Constituency or be sacked out of office without blinking the eyes.

Let us rise to defend our land and of course the future of our children's children.


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