Thursday 14 March 2024




Dear Mr. Jack,

I write from the position of pain and undue pressure, when you compare my situation with that of a prince walking on foot, while his servants ride on horseback.

This letter is in response to your recent statement containing words of encouragement, to disgruntled people under the uneasy leadership of our tough captain, who is steering a disjointed train heading to an unknown destination, under the mantra of Renewed Hope.

Your words emphasized that the masses endure the lashing on their backs similar to the ordeals of their ancestors, on the American plantations, which peaked during the 15th century, while the leader of the train remains courageous, like the taskmaster as he keeps up with the vision of rebuilding a broken nation, if at all it was ever built.



I salute your fatherly advice and words of encouragement, especially in a moment such as this.

The mantle of leadership is never easy, just as the adage goes, "Uneasy is the head that wears the crown". Especially, in a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-religious society like ours.

It suffices to say that Leadership in Nigeria is the most daunting task one will ever anticipate. As such, the Presidents of Nigeria since its inception have done their bids to make the nation great however, many of these Presidents may best be described as disgrace to their family name and clans if their stay in office would be measured with the perimeter of dignity and integrity.

Mr. Jack Sir, I remember your time in office, which today would at best be referred to as “Our  History”, and I wonder what it was that you did to make this nation a better place, that will give you the moral standing to speak to us your very unhappy children and grandchildren as the case may be? Was it the civil war that saw the extermination of millions of Nigerians? Or the failed Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, and Reconciliation (3Rs) that was never achieved after the war?

Please Sir, can you educate us on how you managed our then blossoming economy, as well as, enlighten us on the inspiration behind your statement now on marble, that “Nigeria's problem is not money, but how to spend it”.

In the Good Book of Life, it is stated that a good father leaves his inheritance for his children and children's children. How brave will you be, to expose our minds to that which you have left for us to inherit? Again I ask, how many refineries did you constructed to see that we owned the black gold as it was referred to at that point?

What happened to the Indigenization Policy, where foreign industries were seized only to be shared with a selected few, within the round table of friends who shared a common interest? What Policy did you put in place for the economic growth of the nation you claim to love?

Judging from history Sir, you had every opportunity to make Nigeria a model for many African nations, and also to shift Nigeria from a third-world country to a modern society. The struggles this Nigerian society is faced with today, I dare to say are foundational, which you Sir, are a major part of.

Not to say, that you are the sole cause of our problems, but the mere fact that your administration did not make plans for a time such as this is the result we are forced to grapple with. I have a lot of questions I would love to ask, but knowing fully well that you were a loyal servant of the crown, as your romance with the crown earned you the nickname Jack; just like our only Prime Minister, Mr. Balewa, who was also a knight of the Crown, it is consoling. Hence, some questions, are therefore not necessary.

As a man of "Honor", what will you tell your curious grandchildren who are struggling to survive in a place they are supposed to call home now? Can you boldly and truly say that Nigeria is an Independent Nation? Or, are we in Dependence on the Decisions of the West?

A wise man once said that freedom is never given, it is taken. Nigeria, our beloved nation, negotiated for her independence, from the same people who forced themselves on our ancestors, killing a lot of them, raping many of our women, banishing some great kings who refused to bend to their manipulation, enslaving a lot more within their ancestral home, while many more were shipped out through the Atlantic like consignments. Not to mention how our lands were destroyed in the name of mining, only then to watch how the proceeds were exported to develop their clans, without any accountability. 

Be a man of honor and tell us the clauses inserted in the negotiation of our so-called In-Dependence. I know you were not there during the negotiation, but as the leader of Nigeria for Nine (9) good years, this information will never elude you. Are we still under British rule indirectly? Do they choose our leaders, while they continue to dictate the direction of our economy, especially?

The Nigerian masses would be comforted and patient to wait for the goal of Mr. President to come to fruition, if and only if, they know the destination of the journey. Knowing fully well that the struggle is not the exclusive pursuit of the masses.

Sir, the Masses cannot afford the basic necessities of life, even after breaking their backs. They also helplessly watch with tears, as their taxes are mismanaged by those in the corridors of power. Yet, the leaders continually mock the masses with their flamboyance, without having a single idea of how the poor can breathe when the oxygen is contaminated with dust and smoke.

I look forward to your Swift Response.

Your Grandchild.

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