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By: Amb. Valentine Adese (JP),

Elders of Berom Nation, have promised to look into their existing culture and Bye-laws again in order to involve women in decisions concerning tem.

They gave this promise yesterday, the 13th of March 2024, in a program organized by the Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), at Jos North Local Government Secretariat, moderated by Comrade Steve Aluko Daniel, tagged: “Inspiring Inclusion” in commemoration of the 2024 International Women’s Day.  

“The Program was also aimed at encouraging men and boys to become key allies and actors in the fight against Gender-Based violence through community-based dialogue but focused on the Berom Nation in Plateau State”. According to Madam Jummai Dadaki the State Coordinator of WRAPA.


In his contribution in opening the dialogue, Builder, Dr. Dachollom Tombol, Chairman of Berom Elders Forum (BEF), who commended WRAPA for its role in the fight against violence against women and girls said, the focus should be on violence against “Married Women”.

He condemned men going into marriage unprepared. According to him, “that behavior is not Berom like”. He said in Berom culture and values, preparation for marriage must be based on:

1.      Family values and society supervision.

2.       Checkmate by members of the community.

3.      A test of the man’s responsibility capacity.

4.       While the woman must be prepared female House Wife’s Duties.

Dr. Dachollom emphasized that, to keep the home safe, the culture of Mentorship by parents and influence of age groups is built in the Berom cultural system.

He said, “Because of the Community setting, there was discipline even if the family fails. The Kings were the first to settle matters but as ADR, the Mother-in-laws come in before fathers”.

Adding that, “Berom men don’t beat women. They only raise their hand to scare them. But if he goes ahead to slap her, he equally goes back quickly to appease her”.

 However, while lamenting on how violence against women and girls have taken the center stage among the Berom People, DR. Dachollom said, all should be blamed on the bad uncultured characters introduced by schools.


 He said, “Half baked students, the current social vices and induced behaviours are some others. But we must as a nation go back and initiate the earlier traditional of punishments, especially, concerning lot of morals and cover ups by parents, and reinitiate Berom Norms and Values”.

HRH. Gyang Ndah Dahoro, the Gwom Rim Riyom in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, who spoke on behalf of the Traditional Leaders said, “Most things have vanished in Berom Culture and Tradition because, the Traditional Stool is no longer respected as before”.

 He explained that, most Berom men marry in April because after the reconciliation in March in order to usher in the rains, the men marry in April before going back to their farms.

He lamented that unlike those days when people were afraid of attracting causes to their families, what is seen today is annoying.

“In those days, Berom people were afraid of bringing cause(s) to their family because they are aware that it is their family that would be the first to cast such cause(s) on them if they do so”.

He said the Tin Mining in Plateau State, especially, within the Berom communities brought a lot of challenges and havoc to the people. These areas that we call cities today were our hunting fields and the Berom culture was known for peace”.

Speaking on Gyel Community Bye-law in Plateau State, the Secretary of Gyel Traditional Council said, to reduce the level of violence against women and girls, the Council has adopted a modern way by establishing a Bye-law.

The Secretary said, “Modernization has destroyed our culture, we then held that modern ways must be used to remedy it.

“The Bye-law provides more rights for women and girls and including them as members of the Council and now we have 9 women and a girl, include a PWD as a member.

“Since men don’t go to farm these days but focus on money, the bye-law provides that 1/3 of such earnings should be given to the wives.

“If not given to the wives, the Council will rise to do the needful as a set of 120 men have been empowered to implement this Bye-law.

“The high Bride Price in Gyel have been reduced to affordable level and not the earlier N30,000.00.

“But the challenge on this development is that the cases drag on for long in our Court of Law”.

In his Contribution, Gyang Dadu Dalyop (BECO) while appreciated that the focus has been on the Berom Nation he advocated that the program should be replicate in all Berom communities.

Adding that, “the replication of the bye-law is very important for all Berom Communities. We have no business with killing, raping and violence against women and girls. We are excited by this program and we shall involve ourselves so that this form of interaction and dialogue happen in our communities”.

On the part of the Berom Youth Movement (BYM), while appreciating the program emphatically stated that, “The program is apt. On mentoring, I would say is our nature and this we must revisit to reduce these vices”.


 However after the contributions of the leaders on the high table, the participants from the floor from Madam Zainab Mustapha, Lady Esther, Madam Roda, from CAN Women’s Wing and Madam Simi, all projected the need that women should be more inclusive in the making of future Bye-laws and monitoring its implantation across communities, while calling for synergy among all nationalities in Plateau State to reduce the violence among women and girls.

Earlier, while welcoming the participants, Madam Jummai Madaki the State Coordinator of WRAPA in Plateau State said, the International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8th annually and that it commemorates one of the significant landmarks of the global women’s rights campaign.


 It is of note that, the Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA) Nigeria is a Non-governmental (NGO), Non-political, and Right-based Organization for advocacy and mobilization for the promotion and realization of women’s human rights, the eliminations of all forms of vile practices against women, and the enhancement.

In her welcoming remarks, Madam Madaki said, “WRAPA as an Organization plans to showcase its advocacy work during the 2024 International Women’s Day activities. The organization aims to promote women’s Inclusion as a fundamental right and a smart approach that supports inclusive communities as a catalyst for development.

“The goal is to encourage men and boys to become key allies and actors in the fight against gender-based violence through community-based dialogue in a panel format in Plateau”.





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