Friday 24 September 2021

Anambra Lawmaker, Hon. Timothy Ifedioramma, Reveals Reasons, Why He Joined APC From APGA

By: Ifeanyi Okonkwo,

The member representing Njikoka 1 Constituency at the Anambra State House of Assembly, Hon Timothy Ifedioramma has revealed reasons why he dumped the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) to All Progressive Congress (APC).

Ifedioramma in an interview after plenary said there is always a cause for actions, which always has cause and effect.

“The reason(s) behind my defection is because of the mis-management of success. APGA as a party has mis-managed success. The core spirit of the party which is “Be your brother’s keeper” is no longer there.

“When people are hurt, nobody goes to find out why they are hurt. This has made a lot of good people to leave the party. There is a group called ‘AAA’, which is “APGA Aggrieved Aspirants” nobody is looking at that direction or cares to know about their grievances and address them. That brotherly spirit has been lost.

“My defection is as a fall out of mis-management of the governorship primary election. That is the result of what you are seeing and will still see in the future.

“It’s regrettable that a party and family that I have joined to build for over sixteen years, that I wake up one day and walk away. It’s not easy. It was a tough decision, but nobody really cared to know what the really issue(s) are.

“My defection was a fall out of misconduct, mishandling and mis-management of the primaries in APGA and simply because I was supporting another candidate in the person of, Rt. Hon Chukwuma Uduoji, a man, who is APGA’s leader in the national assembly caucus.

“I was invited by the re conciliation headed by, Sen. Victor Umeh, but all members that constitute the committee are also aggrieved and at the end of the day, we didn’t achieve anything.

“There’s is no sincerity in the whole system. There are different speculations that, I was giving money to join APC. All of these are big lies. With the present circumstances, I will rather pay APC money to join them. Until the issues are addressed, there will be more defection. Ifedioramma concluded.

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