Sunday 5 September 2021


Plateau state has been on the news for months now, for the very bad reason(s) revolving around high volume of bloodbath and political tussles.

The media has made huge efforts to present the facts and details, concerning the high level of carnage, houses destroyed and people displaced, as each bad, inhuman and condemned attack occurred in the state.

The ethnic interest of the victims cannot be ignored, as they are expressly demonstrated in their various reactions through press statements and releases, as their people are killed, displaced from their “father lands”, and their farms and crops mowed.

The Government in the state also, owing to the crises and killings in the state has constantly been drawn to their responsibilities to the citizens and they seem to be realizing this with each incident in each passing day.

However, what has not been noticed is the diligence and industry that have been put in by the state’s information system and heads of information units.

The fact that the killings and the follow-up political crises are been reported, does not take away the fact that, the image, economy and peaceful coexistence of the citizens in the state, does not squarely lie in the hands and mouth of the information units.

Which means that how the unit heads present and demonstrate their interests in the matter would have, added more salt to the injuries and the impacts, if they had not adequately managed there pen in the months under review.

This therefore calls for commendation(s) from all alive and staying safe in their various zones in the state.


One information unit that has been very critical to this is the office of the Director of Press and Public Affair to the incumbent Governor of Plateau State, headed by, Dr. Makut Simon Macham, whose day and night became the same during this period under review.

Although a professional and a PhD holder in the field of Communication, the true test of the ability of Dr. Makut came to live in the months under view.

His ability to cover the issues and present the facts before the media, the enlarged society and interested parties in the attacks, killings and political conflicts that later arouse, remains commendable, whether a check is made from past to date.

Secondly, his ability to separate his emotions and personal interest from the issues, even when his Local Government Area (Bokkos LGA) and home came under attack, he reported verifiable facts of the issues on ground. This is a professional feat worth emulation and should be exemplary in the academic world and for further theory formulation of Journalism practice.

In the days after the turmoil that engulf the State, when journalists and other pundits thought the state was at its verge of collapse, the pen of the Director of Press to Governor Lalong was rather reporting peace and the various meeting and resolutions pointing at reuniting the citizens of the state. What a difference?

We therefore want to express our concern on this by calling on the media, the Union of Journalists operating in Plateau State, to take time to look inwards and commend the man in the rolling chair, Dr. Makut Simon Macham, for taking information directing for peace building to a higher height.

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