Wednesday 1 September 2021


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The Plateau State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday expressed shock that, the members and leadership of the Plateau State chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) were allegedly dancing on the grave of Plateau people, who were killed during the violence that took place last two weeks and campaigning for votes among the badly wondered in hospitals.

The party expressed this shock, during a press conference yesterday, at its state secretariat, while reacting to an earlier press briefing by the APC on Sunday.

You would recall that, the APC’s Acting Chairman in Plateau State, Hon. Enoch Fanmak on Sunday, had accused the PDP of being behind the violence in the state in the past weeks.


Hon. Enoch, flanked by the State Secretary, Hon. M. Bashir, and other executives of the State Caretaker Committee of the APC, had also question how the PDP would participate in the forthcoming Local Government elections in the state, when it has failed to meet the requirements to field their candidates especially, when the party is now faced with the deadline challenge.


In its reaction, the Publicity Secretary of the Caretaker Committee of the PDP, Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Go’ar, (Former Speaker PLHA), flanked by, Hon. I. Mwansat (Former Speaker PLHA), Hon. Gregory Nyelong (Member of Committee), P. Davou, Esq (Member of Committee), among other members said, the statement of the Acting Chairman, of the APC, is in every way, “Irresponsible, Insulting and unforgivable”.

Adding that, “We have read, with absolute shock, disbelief and consternation the latest statement by the APC in Plateau State, blaming the PDP for the tragic insecurity in the state.

“We have always known that the APC is a desperate power seeker, made up of some of Nigeria’s most incompetent Managers.

“But we had not imagined that they would go as far as gleefully dancing on the graves of the dead, and campaigning for votes among the badly wounded in hospitals, following the unbelievable inhumane and series of unprovoked attacks on communities especially, in the Northern and Central Senatorial Districts of Plateau State.

“We ask Mr. acting Chairman: Does the Governor require the “direct control of the security agencies” to state at home with his people in their times of trial and unite them to respond in one accord to security challenges?

“Does he need the control of whoever to visit and send relief materials to the destitute? This is UNBELIEVABLE!

“If the weekly harvest of dead  bodies and invaded communities are the marks of Governor Lalong’s best, then, he was never ready for governance, and even now, he is simply leaning on a tottering fence.

“Mr. Governor is simply enamored by the glamour, famous of his office and unhealthy distracted by chores outside the state in the name of Chairmanship, solidarity visits, attending high profile weddings, and being captured in Ogito Sessions with Mr. President, rather than facing squarely, the responsibilities of his office to the people of Plateau State.”

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