Friday 2 July 2021

JUST IN: Soaring Prices Of Farm Inputs Threatens Food Security In Bauchi State

By: Luka Daniel, Bauchi,

The inability of the Nigerian Government to control prices of farming inputs this farming season may likely threaten food Security, a check by our Correspondent in Bauchi has revealed.

Some farmers interviewed on yesterday said that, the high cost of the essential commodities for farming is threatening the old aged occupation. Adding that, “if the prices continues to increase, most of them will abandon their farms”.

Checks at Agrovive Global Interprise in Wunti market indicated that, as of Tuesday, prices of Vinash, Glacel, Slasher, Uproot and Bush Klear is sold not below N1,800 against last year’s N1,200.

Also, Butter force, Butashi and the likes are being sold at N2700 to N3,100 against last year’s N1,900, while post emergence habicide are sold between N4000 to N5000 among others.

Our Correspondent gathered that, a 2kg maize seedling is sold at N1,200 compared to last year’s N800 while a bag of NPK 15-15-15 is sold to farmers between N7500-N14,000 depending on the brand.

In some outlets, a bag of Urea fertilizer is sold between N12,000 – N13,000 against last year’s N10,000.

What bothers most of the farmers are the continues increase in the prices of the farming commodities every day.

A woman farmer, Mrs. Liman Gamba, said she was disappointed with the inability of the government to control prices of farming inputs, knowing fully that, majority of the Nigerian people are peasant farmers.

“Well, when you talk of coping, it’s something that is actually beyond our comprehension because we cannot resist it because we need it”. Mrs. Liman said, while explaining how she is coping with the prices of the farming inputs in Bauchi.

“Since we need the farm inputs to take care of our farms we have to buy it, but the prices are on the high side compared to last year. We are now pressing ourselves to buy these items”. She added.

Liman, who expressed hope that, relief will come said that, the prices of the farming inputs and on the high side while the salaries of the civil servants have not increase.

“You see, all these things you are seeing now, there is no price control, if the government can do something to control the prices we will be thankful. If you go to this shop they will tell you it is so so amount, if you go to another one, they tell you a different thing”, she lamented.

“I can remember, we bought Vinash at N1,200 last year but now it is being sold between N1,800 to N1,900, we need government’s intervention to control the prices so that we can afford them”, Liman who farms Rice, maize, soyabeans and ground nut pleaded.

Another farmer, who spoke to our Correspondent at the time he was begging the dealers to reduce the amount for him to afford, Usman Ahmad said, he cannot cultivate three hectares out of the more than the Six he cultivated last year.

He said that, the prices of the farming inputs are beyond comprehension, as all the items have increased sharply, adding that what was sold between N1000 to N1200 last costs close to N2000.

“From all indication, nobody is helping the marketers to get the items in lesser price from the companies so that we the end users can afford. This may lead to some of us abandoning our farms which will in turn, threaten food Security in the country”. Ahmad explained.

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