Saturday 17 July 2021


The truth remains that, from 2015 when the inglorious administration of Governor Simon Lalong began, many people on the Plateau knew we are in for serious trouble with governance.

The impatience to accept the choice of PDP’s GNS Pwajok (of blessed memory) has been highly regretted by those, who rushed for the All Progressive Congress (APC) out of emotions and sentiments.

Today, what was predicted has manifested bare before everyone. Those mostly affected are the political fanatics, who knew Lalong has nothing to offer but yet votes for him because they hated Baba Jonah David Jang CON and therefore he should be disgraced.

Governor Lalong himself and the All Progressive Congress (APC) are presently confused and are at loggerheads courtesy of over 6 year period of grand deception and betrayal.

Many, who kept quiet, thought that, personal benefits would serve as compensation, but with less than 2 years to go, the coast is getting clearer.

With nothing to show since 2015,  they can only but advance a leadership style filled with lies and  propaganda in which they continue to modify pictures of projects already commissioned by previous administrations, as part of their achievements. Indeed this is the danger of voting incompetent leaders without capacity and vision!

Our democracy today is collapsing under the APC because of the weakening of political institutions that should sustain democratic system, such as free and fair, peaceful conduct of elections and economic equality, as it was witnessed today on the floor of both chambers of the national Assembly.

Instead of consolidating on the gains of democracy achieved by the PDP, Lalong  has become so power drunk that, all he thinks now is how to use power to deal with enemies and reward friends and family members.

From 2015 to date, democratic process in Nigeria particularly Plateau state has been inserted with inefficiencies in every facet of governance.

Across the nation several states are now experiencing massive turnover on economic viability with substantial infrastructure, but Lalong’s draconian and anemic response to development has led the state into economic woos where the state is now backward in all sectors of  development.

Today, Plateau has become the epicenter of poor governance in Nigeria with almost 89% of abandoned projects and still with rising debt profile of almost N408 billion.

Lalong and the APC are the worst things that have happened to Plateau in recent times. While other states are moving forward, Plateau is not. His poor leadership quality has affected governance and politics and the result is glaring ineptitude and lack of direction in governance.

For example, in 2016, he promised to rebuild the Jos main Market and wasted 1:4 billion Naira just to demolished the old structure for new one to be built, but to date nothing to show and no explanation has been given.

He also promised to implement the 30% minimum wage and to clear all outstanding pensions and gratuities. Nepotism has reached its crescendo and it’s obvious he will leave the state more nepotistic than he met it.

The leadership deficiency under Lalong and the APC are very clear. It is obvious he was not prepared for the position but he just loved to be in power.  Before becoming governor, Lalong is obsessed with power to the extent that, in almost every small association he belonged, he was Chairman or never.

Even in his children school, he was PTA Chairman and so was he of the forum of former legislators. He loves power for its sake and not the responsibility it should provide.

Today on the Plateau we are faced with the glimpse reality of a driver, who cannot drive but has the driving license in his pocket.

He is not even bothered about his total failures as a governor because, he lacks the capacity for assessment.

Many contracts have been signed by the state government and some contractors for example, the contentious and controversial legacy projects where as at today N630 million is being deducted from Plateau state monthly subvention.

The question now is, who is benefiting from the N630 million that is being deducted every month now that the contract has been suspended? 

How can a party be in office for seven years without showcasing any meaningful achievement only economic and leadership inefficiency?

Fellow Plateau and Nigerians this moment is not about you weighing an option for possible alternative to our democratic survival, but we should look for viable solution to our current challenges, which is the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Throughout the years of PDP’s administration in the state and the nation, the party was able to give a direction to governance and focus to where the state was heading to. But under Lalong and the APC, Plateau has been on autopilot with no one seemingly on seat of governance. He is only occupying the seat of power as Chairman of the Northern Governors Forum (NGF).

Democracy must not die in Nigeria and in our dear state.

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