Saturday 10 July 2021


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The ACTION DEMOCRATIC PARTY (ADP), Jos South chapter in Plateau State has called on the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) to obey, observe standards set for good conduct of elections and also withdraw the fees charged the political parties and their candidates in the forthcoming Local government Elections.

The chapter in its Communique, after its meeting yesterday, also, advised the Commission to always input the impact of the economy in any decision it wants to make towards the forthcoming election.

According to the Communique, the ADP chapter in Jos-South LGA is calling on the Plateau State House of Assembly to rise to the occasion to approve the budget for the election in order to save the candidates, from the fees onslaught of the commission.

“An overview of the current situation in the country shows strong indication that, the economy side by side the needs of the citizenry have dragged everyone to the pilot of poverty. With this in mind, the Jos South chapter is calling on PLASIEC to CANCEL any form of fees to be charged by it and return the payments it has collected from political parties/candidates prior to now, as electoral bodies are not revenue generating unit of government.

“On this, we strongly advise PLASIEC to submit, sufficient budgetary cost to the state government, who wants the election to be conducted, to fund the exercise.

Although elections are rights of the citizens and political parties in a Democracy, the aspirants and candidates are only liable to pay fees to their various political parties, as it is the case with the Federal Government and INEC.

“So, as a chapter, we strongly recommend that, PLASIEC should swallow its ego/pride and shift the exercise by 2 months for the purpose of the budget, which must include funds for political parties to create awareness/sensitize their members/electorates as enshrined in the electoral law of the land, to as well create space for all political parties to prepare better for the polls”. The chapter stated.

Adding that, “In strong terms PLASIEC, as a Neutral and Independent umpire, must conduct elections in all the 17 local government areas on same day, time and release results accordingly without bias and irrespective of whoever wins, what party and in which constituency”.

In an interview with the Chairman of ADP Jos South chapter, Hon. Bitrus Boyi Ngah, told REALITY that, PLASIEC must show a character of non-partisanship in order to allow for the exercise to be credible and acceptable to the masses. Adding that, the umpire has continuously been unfair by not looking at the state of the country’s economy in its decision making and taking.


Hon. Bitrus said, “PLASIEC must liaise with government to ensure a secured and peaceful environment before, during and after the elections and security agents must not be seen to be partisan, intimidating, encouraging or participating in corrupt practices in favour of any political party.

“As a chapter of the party, we strongly observed with dissatisfaction, disagreement and condemn with total rejection, the exorbitant cost of Forms released by PLASIEC, where Chairmanship candidates are asked to pay, N750, 000. 00, for Nomination Forms plus, N250. 000. 00, for Expression, totaling N1million. The Deputy Chairman is also expected to pay, N500.000. 00, while Councillorship candidates are expected to pay same amount, plus N100, 000 .00 for Expression of Interest. Totaling, N600. 000. 00 in this harsh time in our country! This is unacceptable and must be quashed by the Commission as PLASIEC is not a revenue generating unit of the State Government.

“The chapter equally observed that, PLASIEC did not put into consideration, the plight of Women and People With Disabilities (PWDs), who want to contest the forthcoming elections in its arrangements.

“On the whole, the chapter appeals to the Plateau State House of Assembly, to use its instrumentality and prevail on the Executive and PLASIEC to effect 100 per cent cancellation of the fees which it has slammed on the vulnerable aspirants and candidates who want to diligently serve the masses, while call on all eligible to come out en mass to vote on the Dee Day, for ADP”.

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