Friday 2 July 2021

Bauchi State Govt, Flags Off Distribution Of Fertilizer To Farmers

By: Luka Daniel, Bauchi,

Bauchi state Government has on Thursday flagged off the distribution of over one hundred trucks of fertilizer to farmers across the 20 local government areas of the state.

Governor Bala Mohammed, while flagging off the 2021 fertilizer distribution in Soro town of Ganjuwa Local Government Area (LGA) of the state said that, the 50kg NPK 20-10-10 and Urea fertilizer were procured at the cost of N120million.

Bala said that, the measure was taken in order to ease the hardship of farmers, adding that, a bag of 50kg NPK 20-10-10 fertilizer, which was procured from dealers at N9,500 would be sold at N9000.

The Governor, who said some of the fertilizers were purchased from dealers in the state, noted that his Government is working very hard to make impact on the lives of the citizens.

“We are ensuring that after the investments on infrastructure and services, we set aside ten percent of our budget for the development of Agriculture in Sha Allah. We have really strive to establish a revolving fund for the purchase of fertilizer but that has not worked and that is why we have enter into ISPO so that our fertilizer blending company will be self sustaining and will be able to get money and do what is required”, Bala said.

The Governor expressed concerns that, while the government is trying seriously to improve Agricultural production, some unscrupulous elements are busy producing and selling fake and substandard Agricultural inputs such as herbicides and fertilizer to unsuspecting farmers in the state.

He said, “I am very pleased with the Chairman of all the dealers in Bauchi, Alhaji Ali Garu who has put in place all the security mechanisms to check such unwholesome practice”.

Bala, who expressed delight that, security personnel are cracking down on such criminals, pleaded with members of the public to report such activities to law enforcement agents for prompt action.

Governor Bala said that, the need for quality Agricultural inputs such as fertilizer cannot be overemphasized, lamenting that, fertilizer is an input that farmers are finding it difficult to access.

While pointing out that, the inability of farmers to access fertilizer and other farming inputs is capable of having negative effect on food Security, Bala said his administration as responsible as it is owed it a duty to provide the inputs to the farmers at affordable prices despite numerous competing demands.

“Consequently, you know that, the federal government has exited from the subsidy for fertilizer but because we know the situation, Bauchi state is mostly an agrarian state, we just have to give some subsidy” the Governor explained.

“We are therefore giving this 50 kg bag of NPK 20-10-10 fertilizer which we are buying at the price of 9500 at 9000, giving a subsidy of N500. Also, the Urea that is been sold at the cost of N11,500 in the market, we are giving it at the cost of N11,000”. He added.

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