Friday 13 August 2021


By: Valntine Adese (JP),

The Conference of Autochthonous Ethnic Nationalities, Community Development Association, on Thursday, expressed its dissatisfaction over the way and manner the government has been handling crises, attacks and killings in the country, especially in the North Central Zone (Middle-Belt)

The group comprising of many ethnic nationalities in North Central Zone of Nigeria and other Northern states of the country said it is pained by the recurring attacks on innocent citizens in Irigwe and Berom communities in Plateau State.

It also described as unfortunate government’s action(s) of been more concerned, about the lives of Cows and their Herders, who perpetrate the alleged attacks, killings and arson across the communities in the country and not those of its innocent citizens.

Addressing Journalists, at the Plateau state NUJ Press Center yesterday on the issues, the Secretary-General of the group, Mr. Suleman Sukukum, disclosed that, about 1.5million people from Tiv land of Benue State, are still languishing at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp, without being taken care of by government, as Irigwe people too have over 400 people attacked.

According to him, the Irigwe’s case is more pathetic because, their closeness to the 3 Armoured Division of the Nigerian Army calls for concern and probe.

Adding that, “Unfortunately, 13 villages were ransacked by the suspected herdsmen and none has been arrested”.

He said that, “The most unfortunate thing Is that, the Fulani herdsmen who came from other places now occupy the land of those natives they displaced, and in the face of all these, government is pretending that nothing happened.

“The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) especially the Tiv women are now subjected to sexual abuses thereby, making them losing their dignity as women”.


Mr. Suleman Sukukum,  while speaking to REALITY exclusively, allegedly added that, “These terrorists are now hiding in thick forests in the Middle-Belt and on its fertile lands, which belong to the natives. In Berom lands, over 54 villages have been destroyed and it has become convenient for government to aid the invaders, as they occupied the lands of those they displaced”.

The group said, the Nigerian Federal Government has not lived up to its responsibility of protecting citizens, and therefore used the platform to call on the international community to come to their aid.

While calling for Self-Defense, the group said, “As from today, we are going to protect ourselves and our properties.

“We will fence our lands and whoever trespasses will be prosecuted. We will not allow intruders to come in again. In fact, we don’t want to disclose how we will do that.

“We are going to plant protective plants. If cows eat them, they will die and the owners will know that the cows have trespassed!

“We know that, the terrorists are armed to the teeth, but we will do everything best possible to defend ourselves, as we have been marked to be eliminated completely from our lands”.


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