Saturday 28 August 2021


By: Valentine Adese (JP),

The Executive Chairman of Langtang North Local Government Area (LGA) of Plateau State, Hon. Joshua Ubandoma Laven has said security report at his disposal indicate that people suspected to be terrorists have surrounded his Council Area, with a view to lunch a monumental attack on the peace loving people of the locality.

Laven, who briefed newsmen in Jos said that, at about 4pm on Thursday,  terrorists were spotted coming to attack Tarok Nation particularly, Langtang North and Langtang South.

The Chairman, told newsmen that, he immediately got in touch with Forward Operation Base (FOB) Commander, representing Langtang and reported to him and he confirmed to him that, FOB was aware of the intelligent report.

“I immediately called the Area Commander in charge of Southern Zone of Plateau State and he informed me that, he received the same security report.

“He told me to alert the communities and let everybody keep vigil”. Hon. Laven added.

The Chairman further said he called the Commissioner of Police in the state, CP Edward Egbuka and he confirmed to him that, they have told him what is going on, but as a local government, we should try and see what we can do.

“I appealed that, proactive measures be taken because, what has been happening in Jos started a long time ago, but proactive measures were not taken with the view to nip it in bud.”

“Yesterday our people kept 24 hours vigil”. Hon. Laven, further disclosed.

Laven, while expressing his worries said that, “We are calling on security agencies and government not to only confirm that they are aware of the influx of terrorists, but they should do something about it”.

The Chairman calls on the security outfits operating in the state to step up their game and come to the rescue of the people.

He said, the armless civilians cannot defend themselves and hence they are calling on security agencies to join hands with the Tarok nation to chase away the invading terrorists”.

“As a local government, we know that our first priority is to protect lives and property because, the first responsibility of government is to secure lives and property.

“We are calling on security agencies to come to our aid, but we are warning that, when they come they shouldn’t take side with one group especially the Invaders”.

He further stressed that, “When they come, let us go to the bush and chase the assailants because, we are the ones that they are invading. When the attack occurs, which the confirm to us that, it is imminent, they should not come and cage us, while the assailants are killing us.

“We do not have the weapons, but we have the might and wherewithal to assist security agencies to chase away these assailants. We know that security agencies have been stretched, but they need to deploy more personnel to Langtang, and not allow the innocent citizens to be killed,” he said.

He commended the Plateau State House of Assembly members for advising local governments to stop the recruitment of Teachers and instead engage vigilante to protect their communities.

Laven said that, people would only talk about employment when they are alive, while stressing that, “those that were killed in Bassa and other places will they wake up and work again?”

“Security is the paramount and the House of Assembly took the right decision. He also called on ethnic groups to unite and end the bloodletting in the state.

According to him, “if one ethnic group folds its hands that it is not their ethnic group that were being killed, after the killers are done with one, they would go after the other.

“Plateau should embrace themselves and know that their unity is paramount, cordial existence is the only way out of ugly situation”. Laven, added.

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